ference proceedings

New Trends in HERA Physics 2001

Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany
17-22 June, 2001

Editorial board

  Assistant editor: Annette Holtkamp

Proton Structure
  Andreas Vogt Parton densities and structure functions at next-to-next-to-leading order and beyond ps
  Kunihiro Nagano Gluon distribution function xg(x,Q**2) and the strong coupling constant alpha(s)(M(Z)**2) from the analysis of structure functions ps
  Nelly Gogitidze Determination of the longitudinal structure function F(L) at HERA ps
  Zhiqing Zhang Structure functions at large x ps
  Michiel Botje Error estimates on parton density distributions ps
  Nicola Bianchi Single-spin azimuthal asymmetries at HERMES ps
  Piet Mulders Azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive leptoproduction ps
  Ewald Reya Polarized structure functions ps
Photon Structure and Photoproduction
  Bernard Andrieu Photoproduction of jets, prompt photons, and photon structure ps
  Maria Krawczyk Photoproduction of isolated photons at HERA in NLO QCD ps
Final States in Deep-Inelastic Scattering
  Matthew Wing Jets in deep-inelastic scattering at HERA ps
  Björn Pötter Jet production at HERA ps
  Nick Brook Soft particle production in deep inelastic scatterin ps
  Valery Khoze Theory of multiparticle production in the soft region ps
  Mrinal Dasgupta Power corrections in QCD ps
  Fridger Schrempp Tracking QCD-instantons ps
  Birger Koblitz A search for instantons at HERA ps
Heavy-Flavour Production
  Ignacio Redondo Open charm production at HERA ps
  Felix Sefkow Open beauty production ps
  Hannes Jung Unintegrated parton densities applied to heavy quark production in the CCFM approach ps
  Wu-Ki Tung Open heavy flavor production - conceptual framework and implementation issues ps
  Beate Naroska Production of J/psi mesons at HERA ps
  Lennart Zwirner J/psi production in deep inelastic electron scattering at HERA ps
Elastic and Diffractive ep Scattering
  Eddi de Wolf Diffraction at HERA ps
  Jochen Bartels Theory of diffractive structure functions ps
  Krzysztof Golec-Biernat Saturation and geometric scaling in DIS at small x ps
  John Collins Factorization in hard diffraction ps
  Garry Levman Leading nucleon production at HERA and the structure of the pion ps
  Michael Klasen The pion structure function and jet production in gamma p --> n X ps
  James Crittenden Experimental results on the diffractive production of light vector mesons ps
  Ewelina Lobodzinska The DVCS measurement at HERA ps
  Markus Diehl Elastic meson production and Compton scattering ps
New Physics at HERA
  Roberto Sacchi Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model at HERA ps
  Hubert Spiesberger Physics at high Q**2 with HERA II ps