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PIETRASIK, Rafal Univ. Warsaw SIMCON 3.1 LLRF System Control Board Measurements Dissertation, 45 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-022, TESLA Report 2006-022, Juli 2006 (MSK)

PUCYK, Piotr Dominik Univ. Warsaw DOOCS Based Control System for FPGA Based Cavity Simulator and Controller in VUV FEL Dissertation, 69 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-006, TESLA Report 2005-19, March 2006 (MSK)

RINALDI, Lorenzo Univ. Bologna Measurement of Leading Production Cross Section in DIS with the ZEUS Detector at HERA Dissertation, 159 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-028, October 2006 (ZEUS)

ROBENS, Tania FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Event Generation for Next to Leading Order Chargino Production at the International Linear Collider Dissertation, 130 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-006, hep-ph/0610401, October 2006 (T)

RUBÁCEK, Lukás II. Phys. Inst., Univ. Giessen Search for the Pentaquark States in Lepton-Nucleon Scattering at HERMES Dissertation, 107 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-014, July 2006 (HERMES)

RÚRIKOVÁ, Zuzana FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Measurement of Charm Fragmentation in DIS at HERA Dissertation, 119 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-009, MPP-2006-10, April 2006 (FH1)

RYAN, Patrick D. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison Photoproduction of Events with Rapidity Gaps between Jets with ZEUS at HERA Dissertation, 253 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-030, November 2006 (ZEUS)

RYBKA, Dominik Konrad Univ. Warsaw Integrated Measurement Systems for Electronic Devices Operating in Radiation Environment Dissertation, 76 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-007, TESLA Report 2005-17, March 2006 (MSK)

SEWING, Jan FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Entwicklung und Bestimmung der Nachweiseigenschaften des Myon-Detektors für das OPERA-Experiment Dissertation, 97 S. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-026, September 2006 (OPERA)

WATTIMENA, Nanda Inst. Exp., Univ. Hamburg Commissioning of an LED Calibration & Monitoring System for the Prototype of a Hadronic Calorimeter Diplomarbeit, 52 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-039, December 2006 (FLC)

WEIDNER, Martin FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Gauged Supergravities in Various Spacetime Dimensions Dissertation, 149 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-033, December 2006 (IIT)

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ZAHN, Jochen Wolfgang FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Dispersion Relations in Quantum Electrodynamics on the Noncommutative Minkowski Space Disseration, 137 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-037, arXiv:0707.2149, December 2006 (IIT)

ZIELINSKI, Jerzy Stefan Univ. Warsaw Synchronic, Optical Transmission Data Link Integrated with FPGA Circuits Dissertation, 42 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2006-021, TESLA Report 2006-04, July 2006 (MSK)

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