ASIN CRUZ, Ivan FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Measurement of Top-Quark-Pair Differential Cross Sections in Proton-Proton Collisions at √s=8TeV with the CMS Experiment Dissertation, 169 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-045, December 2014 (CMS)

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DIETRICH, Felix TH Wildau (FH) FEM-Simulation der dynamischen Druck- und Temperaturbelastung in Targetmaterialien der Positronenquelle für den International Linear Collider (ILC) unter der Einwirkung von kurzen hochenergetischen Teilchenstrahlpulsen Bachelorarbeit, 31. S. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-043, December 2014 (ZEU/EXP)

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ERFLE, Joachim FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Irradiation Study of Different Silicon Materials for the CMS Tracker Upgrade Dissertation, 157 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-010, May 2014 (UNI/EXP)

FERNANDES, Milton Virgílio FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg A New Method for the Reconstruction of Very-High-Energy-Gamma-Ray Spectra and Application to Galactic Cosmic-Ray Accelerators Dissertation, 221 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-025, September 2014 (UNI/EXP)

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HEIDRICH, Nadine FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Monto Carlo-Based Development of a Shield and Total Background Estimation for the COBRA Experiment Dissertation, 138 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-036, November 2014 (UNI/EXP)

KHAN, Mariam Saleh FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg J/ψ Production within the Framework of Nonrelativistic QCD Dissertation, 79 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-003, February 2014 (IIT)

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LIEBIG, Clemens FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Design and Construction of an Injector for an Electron/Positron Linac Optimized for Positron Yield and Minimal Particle Loss Dissertation, 137 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-039, November 2014 (MIN)

LOEFFLER, Gerd Univ. Klagenfurt Carl von Auer von Weisbach und sein Beitrag zur frühen Radioaktivitätsforschung und Quantentheorie Dissertation, 219 S. E Loef: Loeffler, G., 2014

MALYUTIN, Dmitriy FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Time Resolved Transverse and Longitudinal Phase Space Measurements at the High Brightness Photo Injector PITZ Dissertation, 139 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-021, August 2014 (PITZ)

MEHRLING, Timon Johannes FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Theoretical and Numerical Studies on the Transport of Transverse Beam Quality in Plasma-Based Accelerators Dissertation, 206 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-040, August 2014 (FLA)

MEY, Tobias Univ. Göttingen Radiation Characteristics of Extreme UV and Soft X-Ray Sources Dissertation, 131 p. P Mey: Meyer, T., 2014

NAHUM, Adam Oxford Univ. Critical Phenomena in Loop Models Dissertation, 141 p. E Nah: Nahum, A., 2014

OPITZ, Björn Helmut FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Bastian Searches for Dark Matter Self-Annihilation Signals from Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies and the Fornax Galaxy Cluster with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes Dissertation, 160 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-028, September 2014 (UNI/EXP)

PAHL, Philipp FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Measurement of the D± Meson Cross Section in DIS with the H1 Detector at HERA Dissertation, 204 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-009, April 2014 (FH1)

PFEIFFER, Sven TU Hamburg-Harburg Symmetric Grey Box Identification and Distributed Beam-Based Controller Design for Free-Electron Lasers Dissertation, 146 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-030, September 2014 (MSK)

PIETSCH, Niklas FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Search for Supersymmetric in Final States with a Single Lepton, B-Quark Jets, and Missing Transverse Energy at the CMS Experiment Dissertation, 231 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-032, October 2014 (CMS)

POKORNÝ, Boris Charles Univ. Prague Measurement of Diffractive Dijet Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA Collider Dissertation, 83 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-027, September 2014 (FH1)

SALFELD-NEBGEN, Jakob FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Maximilian Henry Search for the Higgs Boson Decaying into τ-Leptons in the Di-Electron Channel Dissertation, 182 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-019, August 2014 (CMS)

SATO, Yuki Nagoya Univ. Space-Time Foliation in Quantum Gravity Dissertation, 100 p. Tokyo, Springer, 2014 P Sat: Sato, Y., 2014

SAVELIEV, Andrey FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Time Evolution of Primordial Magnetic Fields and Present Day Extragalactic Magnetism Dissertation, 130 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-014, May 2014 (IIT)

SAVIANO, Ninetta FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg; Univ. di Napoli Neutrino Flavor Conversions in High-Density Astrophysical and Cosmological Environments Dissertation, 163 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-008, March 2014 (IIT)

SCHARF, Christian FB Physik, Univ. HamburgF Measurement of the Drift Velocities of Electrons and Holes in High-Ohmic <100> Silicon Master Thesis, 72 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-015, June 2014 (UNI/EXP)

SCHLIECKAU, Eike Steffen FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Measurement of Top-Quark Mass and Inclusive Top-Quark-Pair Production Cross Section in pp Collisions at √s = 7/8 TeV with CMS Dissertation, 101 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-024, September 2014 (Uni/CMS)

SCHOLZ, Matthias FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Design of the Extraction Arc for the 2nd Beam Line of the Free-Electron Laser FLASH Dissertation, 141 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-002, January 2014 (MPY)

SCHWANDT, Jörn FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Design of a Radiation Hard Silicon Pixel Sensor for X-ray Science Dissertation, 190 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-029, September 2014 (UNI/EXP)

SCHULZ, Sebastian FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Implementation of the Laser-Based Femtosecond Precision Synchronization System at FLASH Dissertation, 291 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-012, May 2014 (FLA)

SPRENGER, Martin FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg High-Energy Scattering in Strongly Coupled N = 4 Super Yang-Mills Theory Dissertation, 115 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-037, November 2014 (T)

TONINI, Marco FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Beyond the Standard Higgs at the LHC: Present Constraints on Little Higgs Models and Future Prospects Dissertation, 168 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-038, November 2014 (T)

ENTRENA UTRILLA, Carlos FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Manuel Erzeugung und Transport von Doppelpaket-Elektronenstrahlen im FLASH Linearbeschleuniger Master Thesis, 68 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-034, October 2014 (FLA)

VAUTH, Annika FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg A Quartz Cherenkov Detector for Polarimetry at the ILC Dissertation, 111 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-022, September 2014 (FLC)

VON SEGGERN, Jan Eike FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Constraining Weakly Interacting Slim Particles with a Massive Star and in the Laboratory Dissertation, 151 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-001, January 2014 (ALPS)

VORMWALD, Benedikt FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg From Neutrino Physics to Beam Polarisation - a High Precision Story at the ILC Dissertation, 241 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-006, March 2014 (FLC)

WESSELS, Philipp FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Time-Resolved Imaging of Magnetic Nanostructures in the Visible and Soft X-Ray Spectral Range Dissertation, 189 p. Hamburg preprint: Wessels, P., 2014

XU, Chen FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Study of the Silicon Photomultipliers and Their Applications in Positron Emission Tomography Dissertation, 119 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-013, May 2014 (FLC)

ZENKER, Klaus FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Studies of Field Distortions in a Time Projection Chamber for the International Linear Collider Dissertation, 215 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-044, December 2014 (FLC)

ZEUNE, Lisa FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Constraining Supersymmetric Models Using Higgs Physics, Precision Observables and Direct Searches Dissertation, 225 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-020, August 2014 (CMS)

ZHANG, Dongfang FB Physik, Univ. Hamburg Femtosecond Structural Dynamics on the Atomic Length Scale Dissertation, 126 p. DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2014-005, March 2014 (MPSD)

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