The annual DESY Theory Workshop is organized by the elementary particle physics community in Germany. The focus is on a topical subject in theoretical particle physics and related fields. The workshop features
- One day of introductory lectures, aimed at young participants, but open to everyone
- Four half-day plenary sessions of specialized talks by invited speakers
- One half-day of parallel sessions, allowing young researchers to present their work
- The DESY Heinrich-Hertz-Lecture on Physics for public outreach
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Introductory Lectures:
V. Berezinsky, W. Buchmüller, R. Durrer, N. Kaloper

Plenary Talks:
L. Anchordoqui, J. Berges, L. Bergström, R. Brandenberger, M. Doran, Ø. Elgarøy, J. Frieman, G. Gabadadze, G. Giudice, B. Leibundgut, M. Kaplinghat, L. Kofman, S. Masi, H.-P. Nilles, P. Schneider, D. Schwarz, M. Shaposhnikov, G. Sigl, C. Spiering, M. Steinmetz, A. Vilenkin, D. Wands, J. Webb

Heinrich-Hertz Lecture: M. Turner

Organizing Committee:
A. Hebecker, C. Kiefer, M. Laine, K. Mannheim, S. Mukhanov, E. Paschos, G. Raffelt (Chair), A. Ringwald, C. Spiering, C. Wetterich

The pre-workshop of introductory lectures is a training event of the European Network on Theoretical Astroparticles Physics (ENTAPP) within the ILIAS project.