Electroweak Precision Data and the Higgs Mass

Zeuthen Feb. 28 - March 1, 2003

Synopsis iii
S. Dittmaier, K. Mönig

Electroweak precision data - global Higgs analysis 1
M. Grünewald

The direct limit on the Higgs mass and the SM fit15
M. Chanowitz
Quark forward-backward asymmetries - experimental aspects25
P. Wells
Measurement of the W mass at LEP37
R. Hawkings
Measuring the W mass at hadron colliders47
U. Baur
Conventional physics explanations for the NuTeV tex2html_wrap_inline11861
K. McFarland, S. Moch
Theoretical error of luminosity cross section at LEP85
S. Jadach
Hadronic vacuum polarization effects in tex2html_wrap_inline12497
F. Jegerlehner
tex2html_wrap_inline120 and Z boson observables - electroweak aspects113
W. Hollik
QCD corrections to the forward-backward asymmetry129
W. van Neerven
Pseudo versus realistic observables137
G. Passarino
The MSSM in the light of precision data 147
S. Heinemeyer, G. Weiglein
Workshop summary163
K. Mönig

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