Physics with polarized Protons at HERA

Workshop, Hamburg, March - September 1997

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List of Participants v

Physics with polarized protons at HERA
A. De Roeck, T. Gehrmann 1

Probing Polarized Parton Distributions in Protons and Photons

Measurement of the polarized structure function g1(p)(x,Q**2) and the polarized gluon distribution Delta(G(x,Q**2)) at HERA
A. Deshpande, V.W. Hughes, J. Lichtenstadt 26

O(alpha) QED corrections to polarized elastic mu e and deep inelastic l N scattering
D. Bardin, J. Blümlein, P. Christova, L. Kalinovskaya 44

The polarised gluon density from di-jet events in DIS at a polarised HERA
G. Rädel, A. De Roeck, M. Maul 54

QCD corrections to jet production in polarized ep scattering
E. Mirkes, S. Willfahrt 69

Delta(G) from high p(t) hadrons in DIS at a polarised HERA
G. Rädel, A. De Roeck 77

Unified description of the non-singlet spin-dependent structure function g1 incorporating Altarelli-Parisi evolution and the double logarithmic ln**2(1/x) effects at low x
B. Badelek, J. Kwiecinski 85

QCD predictions for g1(p) at small x incorporating double ln**2(1/x) resummation
J. Kwiecinski, B. Ziaja 90

Infrared contribution to the double-logarithmic small-x asymptotics of structure functions
S.I. Manayenkov, M.G. Ryskin 97

A study on Delta(u) and Delta(d) in charged current events using polarized beams at HERA
J. Contreras, A. De Roeck, M. Maul 103

Semi-inclusive asymmetries with polarized proton beams at HERA
M. Maul, J.G. Contreras, H. Ihssen, A. Schäfer 112

Photoproduction processes in polarized ep-collisions at HERA
J.M. Butterworth, N. Goodman, M. Stratmann, W. Vogelsang 120

NLO QCD corrections to inclusive-hadron photoproduction at HERA
D. de Florian, W. Vogelsang 135

Spin Effects in Specific Reactions

Polarized lambda production at HERA
D. de Florian, M. Stratmann, W. Vogelsang 140

Polarized beams at HERA: analyzing the chiral structure of contact interactions
J.-M. Virey 152

Instantons, spin crisis, and high Q**2 anomaly at HERA
N.I. Kochelev 157

Spin dependence of deep inelastic diffraction: an outline
J. Bartels, T. Gehrmann, M.G. Ryskin 166

Spin effects in diffractive processes at HERA
S.V. Goloskokov 172

Vector meson production at a polarized HERA collider
S.P. Baranov, M.G. Ryskin, T. Gehrmann 175

Deep virtual compton scattering at the electron-nucleon collider HERA
N. d'Hose 183

The Drell-Hearn-Gerasimov sum rule at polarized HERA
S.D. Bass, M.M. Brisudová, A. De Roeck 188

Target fragmentation at polarized HERA: a test of universal topological
charge screening in QCD
D. de Florian, G.M. Shore, G. Veneziano 194

Polarized Nucleon-nucleon Physics

A possible polarized fixed target programme for the polarized HERA proton ring
V. Korotkov, W.-D. Nowak 204

Double spin asymmetries in charmonium hadroproduction at HERA-N(pol)
W.-D. Nowak, O. Teryaev, A. Tkabladze 215

Instantons and single spin asymmetries
N.I. Kochelev 225

Software Tools and Machine Aspects

Fast simulation of a HERA-like detector
J.G. Contreras 232

Recent developments of PEPSI and SPHINX
O. Martin, M. Maul, A. Schäfer 236

Polarized protons in HERA - the Status
D. Barber, G.H. Hoffstätter, M. Vogt 241

A Possible Inclusive Neutral Pion Polarimeter for a Polarized HERA Proton Ring
E.A. Andreeva, A.A. Bogdanov, V.A. Korotkov, W.-D. Nowak, S.B Nurushev,
M.N. Strikhanov, K.E. Shestermanov, A.N. Vasiliev 247

Christian Thomas
Wed Mar 23 1998