DESY 19-001        Systematic Uncertainties in Parton Distribution Functions from Lattice QCD Simulations at the Physical Point
arXiv:1902.00587   C. Alexandrou et al.
February 2019

DESY 19-002        The Tensor Pomeron and
MPP-2018-301       Low-x Deep Inelastic Scattering
arXiv:1901.08524   D. Britzger
January 2019       C. Ewerz
                   ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI,
                   GSI Helmholtzzentrum für
                   Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt
                   Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Frankfurt am Main
                   S. Glazov, S. Schmitt
                   O. Nachtmann

DESY 19-003        Current Status and Future Prospects of the
arXiv:1901.02278   Singlet-Doublet Dark Matter Model with boldmath $CP$ Violation
January 2019       T. Abe
                   Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe,
                   Nagoya University, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
                   R. Sato

DESY 19-004        Joint Two-Dimensional Resummation in boldmath ${q_T}$ and boldmath $0$-Jettiness at NNLL
NIKHEF 2018-053    G. Lustermans, W. J. Waalewijn
arXiv:1901.03331   Nikhef, Theory Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
January 2019       J. K. L. Michel, F. J. Tackmann

DESY 19-005        The Minimal Simple Composite Higgs Model
arXiv:1904.02560   L. Da Rold
April 2019         CONICET, S. C. de Bariloche, Argentina
                   A. N. Rossia
                   Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg

DESY 19-006        BBN Constraints on the Annihilation of MeV-Scale Dark Matter
arXiv:1901.06944   P. F. Depta, M. Hufnagel, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, S. Wild
January 2019

DESY 19-007        IceCube Neutrinos from Hadronically Powered Gamma-Ray Galaxies
arXiv:1812.04685   A. Palladino, A. Fedynitch, R. W. Rasmussen, A. M. Taylor
December 2018

DESY 19-008        Secondary Neutrino and Gamma-Ray Fluxes from SimProp and CRPropa
arXiv:1901.01244   R. A. Batista
January 2019       D. Boncioli
                   INFN, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS), Assergi, L'Aquila, Italy
                   Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Zeuthen
                   A. di Matteo
                   A. van Vliet
                   Radboud University, Department of Astrophysics/IMAPP,
                   The Netherlands

DESY 19-010        Probing the Photonic Content of the Proton Using Photon-Induced Dilepton Production in p $+$ Pb Collisions at the LHC
arXiv:1901.06305   M. Dyndal, A. Glazov
January 2019       M. Luszczak
                   R. Sadykov

DESY 19-011        A New Experimental Approach to Probe QCD Axion Dark Matter in the
arXiv:1901.07401   Mass Range above 40 boldmath $mu$eV
January 2019       MADMAX Collaboration

DESY 19-013        Parton Showers with More Exact Color Evolution
arXiv:1902.02105   Z. Nagy
February 2019      D. E. Soper

DESY 19-014        Dark Matter Production during the Thermalization Era
arXiv:1901.11027   K. Harigaya
January 2019       K. Mukaida
                   M. Yamada

DESY 19-015        Shift-Symmetric Orbital Inflation: Single Field or Multi-Field?
arXiv:1901.03657   A. Achúcarro et al.
January 2019

DESY 19-016        A New View on Auger Data Cosmogenic Neutrinos in
arXiv:1901.03338   Light of Different Nuclear Disintegration and Air-Shower Models
January 2019       J. Heinze, A. Fedynitch, D. Boncioli, W. Winter

DESY 19-017        Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon with Dynamical QCD+QED
ADP-19-2/T1082     CSSM/QCDSF/UKQCD Collaboration
LTH 1196
February 2019

DESY 19-018        Wavefunctions on S^2 with Flux and Branes
WU-HEP-19-03       S. Imai
arXiv:1902.04307   Y. Tatsuta
February 2019

DESY 19-019        Leptohadronic Blazar Models Applied to the 2014-15 Flare of TXS 0506+056
arXiv:1812.05939   X. Rodrigues, S. Gao, A. Fedynitch, A. Palladino, W. Winter
January 2019

DESY 19-020        Simulations of Core Formation for Frequent Dark Matter Self-Interactions
TTK-19-06          J. Kummer
arXiv:1902.02330   Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg
February 2019      M. Brüggen
                   K. Dolag
                   F. Kahlhoefer
                   K. Schmidt-Hoberg

DESY 19-022        Limits on Contact Interactions and Leptoquarks at HERA
arXiv:1902.03048   ZEUS Collaboration
February 2019

DESY 19-024        Two-Loop Splitting in Double Parton Distributions
CERN-TH-2019-013   M. Diehl
arXiv:1902.08019   J. R. Gaunt
February 2019      P. Plö{

DESY 19-025        On boldmath $SU(3)_F$ Breaking through Final State Interactions and CP Asymmetries in boldmath $D to PP$ Decays
arXiv:1902.05564   F. Buccella
February 2019      A. Paul
                   Institut für Physik, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
                   P. Santorelli
                   INFN, Sezione di Napoli, Italy

DESY 19-026        Deep Learning Detection of Transients
arXiv:1908.01615   I. Sadeh
August 2019

DESY 19-028        HEJ 2: High Energy Resummation for Hadron Colliders
IPPP/19/13         J. R. Andersen, T. Hapole, M. Heil
MCnet-19-05        A. Maier
arXiv:1902.08430   J. Smillie
February 2019

DESY 19-029          Five-Loop Static Contribution to the
DO-TH 19/01        Gravitational Interaction Potential of
arXiv:1902.11180   Two Point Masses
February 2019      J. Blümlein, A. Maier, P. Marquard

DESY 19-030        Extraction of Bare Form Factors for
arXiv:1903.05870   boldmath ${rm B}_s to {rm K}ell nu$ Decays in Non-Perturbative HQET
March 2019         ALPHA Collaboration

DESY 19-031        Energy Deposition along the Helical Undulator at ILC-250GeV
arXiv:1902.07755   K. Alharbi
February 2019      Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Zeuthen
                   King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST),
                   Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
                   S. Riemann
                   G. Moortgat-Pick
                   Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg
                   A. Alrashdi

DESY 19-032        Optimization of Undulator Parameters for 125 GeV Drive Beam
arXiv:1902.07786   M. Formela, G. Moortgat-Pick
February 2019      Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg
                   S. Riemann
                   A. Ushakov

DESY 19-033        Status of the Undulator-Based ILC Positron Source
arXiv:1902.07744   F. Dietrich, S. Riemann
February 2019      G. Moortgat-Pick, A. Ushakov
                   P. Sievers

DESY 19-034        Scalar 1-Loop Feynman Integrals as
HCMUS-19-01        Meromorphic Functions in Space-Time Dimension d
KW 18-004          K. H. Phan
arXiv:1812.10975   T. Riemann
January 2019       Institute of Physics, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

DESY 19-035        Precise Prediction for the W Boson Mass in the MRSSM
arXiv:1904.03634   P. Diessner, G. Weiglein
April 2019

DESY 19-036        Ultra-Light Dark Matter in Disk Galaxies
arXiv:1903.03402   N. Bar, J. Eby
March 2019         K. Blum
                   CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
                   R. Sato

DESY 19-037        The International Linear Collider: A Global Project
FERMILAB-FN-1067-PPD  P. Bambade et al.
KEK Preprint 2018-92
LAL/RT 19-001
March 2019

DESY 19-038        The Unpolarized Two-Loop Massive
DO-TH 18/25        Pure Singlet Wilson Coefficients for Deep-Inelastic Scattering
arXiv:1903.06155   J. Blümlein, A. De Freitas, K. Schönwald
March 2019         C. G. Raab

DESY 19-039        A Lorentzian Inversion Formula for Defect CFT
arXiv:1903.05222   P. Liendo, Y. Linke, V. Schomerus
March 2019

DESY 19-040        Beam-Helicity Asymmetries for
arXiv:1903.08544   Single-Hadron Production in Semi-Inclusive
March 2019         Deep-Inelastic Scattering from Unpolarized Hydrogen
                   and Deuterium Targets
                   HERMES Collaboration

DESY 19-041        The Flavor Composition of Astrophysical Neutrinos after
arXiv:1902.08630   8 Years of IceCube: An Indication of Neutron Decay Scenario?
February 2019      A. Palladino

DESY 19-042        Six-Gluon Amplitudes in Planar mathcalN = 4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory at Six and Seven Loops
HU-EP-19/04        S. Caron-Huot et al.
March 2019

DESY 19-043        New Physics in boldmath $b to s ell+ ell-$ Confronts New Data on Lepton Universality
CERN-TH-2019-033   M. Ciuchini et al.
March 2019

DESY 19-044        Nucleon Axial, Scalar, and Tensor Charges Using Lattice QCD at the Physical Pion Mass
arXiv:1903.06487   N. Hasan et al.
March 2019

DESY 19-045        Discrete Gauge Theories of Charge Conjugation
Imperial/TP/2019/AB/01  G. Arias-Tamargo, D. Rodr'iguez-G'omez
arXiv:1903.06662   A. Bourget
March 2019         A. Pini

DESY 19-046        Frequency-Splitting Estimators of Single-Propagator Traces
arXiv:1903.10447   L. Giusti, T. Harris
March 2019         A. Nada, S. Schaefer

DESY 19-047        Wigner Rotation: Theory and Application to
arxiv:1903.07452   Practical Relativistic Engineering Problems
March 2019         E. Saldin

DESY 19-048        The Full Event Interpretation
arXiv:1807.08680   {normalsize An Exclusive Tagging Algorithm for the Belle II Experiment}
March 2019         T. Keck et al.

DESY 19-050        Production of Purely Gravitational Dark Matter:
KEK-TH-2114        The Case of Fermion and Vector Boson
UT-19-04           Y. Ema
arXiv:1903.10973   KEK Theory Center, Tsukuba, Japan
March 2019         K. Nakayama
                   Kavli IPMU (WPI), University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
                   Y. Tang

DESY 19-051        Interpretation of the Narrow J/psi , p Peaks in
arXiv:1904.00446   Lambda_b to J/psi , p, K- Decay in the Compact Diquark Model
March 2019         A. Ali
                   A. Ya. Parkhomenko
                   Yaroslavl, Russia

DESY 19-052        Mass Spectrum of the Hidden-Charm Pentaquarks in the Compact Diquark Model
arXiv:1907.06507   A. Ali
July 2019          I. Ahmed, A. Rehman
                   M. J. Aslam
                   A. Ya. Parkhomenko

DESY 19-053        Isospin Splittings in the Decuplet Baryon Spectrum from Dynamical QCD+QED
ADP-19-6/T1086     CSSM/QCDSF/UKQCD Collaboration
LTH 1200
April 2019

DESY 19-054        Charm Production in Charged Current Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA
arXiv:1904.03261   ZEUS Collaboration
March 2019

DESY 19-056        Several Problems in Particle Physics and
IFT-UAM/CSIC-19-39  Cosmology Solved in One SMASH
MPP-2019-75        G. Ballesteros
TUM-HEP-1196-19    Departamento de F'{
arXiv:1904.05594   J. Redondo
April 2019         Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München
                   A. Ringwald
                   C. Tamarit

DESY 19-058        Higgs Inflation in Metric and Palatini Formalisms:
CTPU-PTC-19-10     Required Suppression of Higher Dimensional Operators
OCHA-PP-354        R. Jinno
OU-HET-1005        Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe,
LDU2019-03         Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Daejeon, Korea
arXiv:1904.05699   M. Kubota
April 2019         K. Oda
                   S. C. Park

DESY 19-060        The Polarized Two-Loop Massive Pure Singlet
DO-TH 19/04        Wilson Coefficient for Deep-Inelastic Scattering
arXiv:1904.08911   J. Blümlein, K. Schönwald
April 2019         C. Raab

DESY 19-063        The Super-Planckian Axion Strikes Back
arXiv:1906.10193   N. Fonseca
June 2019          B. von Harling
                   IFAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain
                   L. de Lima
                   C. S. Machado

DESY 19-064        Conversion-Driven Freeze-Out:
TUM-HEP-1195/19    Dark Matter Genesis beyond the WIMP Paradigm
CP3-19-14          M. Garny
TTK-19-13          J. Heisig
arXiv:1904.00238   M. Hufnagel
April 2019         B. Lülf
                   S. Vogl

DESY 19-065        Critical Properties of the Néel-to-Algebraic Spin Liquid Transition
HU-EP-19/09        N. Zerf
LTH 1201           R. Boyack
arXiv:1905.03719   Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
May 2019           P. Marquard
                   J. A. Gracey
                   J. Maciejko
                   Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Zeuthen
                   Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DESY 19-066        boldmath $B$-Hadron Fragmentation Functions at
arXiv:1904.08718   Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order from Global Analysis of
April 2019         boldmath $e+ e-$ Annihilation Data
                   M. Salajegheh et al.

DESY 19-067        Gravitational Waves from First-Order Phase Transitions:
CTPU-PTC-19-12     Ultra-Supercooled Transitions and the Fate of Relativistic Shocks
KEK-TH-2125        R. Jinno et al.
April 2019

DESY 19-068        Gluons and Sea Quarks in the Proton at Low Scales
arXiv:1904.10722   M. Diehl, P. Stienemeier
April 2019

DESY 19-069        Indirect Studies of Electroweakly Interacting Particles at
UT-19-09           100 TeV Hadron Colliders
arXiv:1904.11162   T. Abe
April 2019         Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe,
                   Nagoya University, Furo-cho Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
                   S. Chigusa, T. Moroi
                   Y. Ema

DESY 19-071        Global Analysis of Dark Matter Simplified Models with
arXiv:1905.00892   Leptophobic Spin-One Mediators Using MasterCode
May 2019           E. Bagnaschi et al.

DESY 19-078        Three Loop QCD Corrections to Heavy Quark Form Factors
DO-TH 19/06        J. Ablinger, C. Schneider
arXiv:1905.03728   J. Blümlein, P. Marquard
May 2019           N. Rana
                   INFN, Sezione di Milano, Italy

DESY 19-081        Development and Simulations of Enhanced Lateral Drift Sensors
arXiv:1905.03119   A. Velyka, H. Jansen
April 2019

DESY 19-090        Reconstructing the Cosmic-Ray Energy from the
arxiv:1905.11185   Radio Signal Measured in One Single Station
May 2019           C. Welling, A. Nelles
                   Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP),
                   Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
                   C. Glaser

DESY 19-095        The Heavy Fermion Contributions to the Massive Three Loop Form Factors
DO-TH 19/08        J. Blümlein, P. Marquard
SAGEX-19-10        N. Rana
TIF-UNIMI-2019-13  INFN, Sezione di Milano, Italy
arXiv:1908.00357   C. Schneider
August 2019

DESY 19-096        Three Loop Heavy Quark Form Factors and their Asymptotic Behavior
DO-TH 19/09        J. Ablinger, C. Schneider
SAGEX-2019-13      J. Blümlein, P. Marquard
arXiv:1906.05829   N. Rana
June 2019          INFN, Sezione di Milano, Italy

DESY 19-118        The Polarized Three-Loop Anomalous Dimensions from
DO-TH 19/12        On-Shell Massive Operator Matrix Elements
MSUHEP-19-013      A. Behring et al.
August 2019

DESY 19-152        An Update of the ABMP16 PDF Fit
DO-TH 19/16        S. Alekhin
SAGEX-19-21        Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia
arXiv:1909.03533   J. Blümlein
September 2019     S.-O. Moch

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