DESY 75-001 Photoproduction of pi+ Mesons on Polarized Protons H. Genzel, P. Heide, J. Knutel, H. Lierl, K.-H. Mess, M.-J. Schachter, Peter Schmueser, B. Sonne, G. Vogel DESY Hamburg U. Munich, Max Planck Inst. DESY 75-002 Color Versus Charm S. Kitakado, T.F. Walsh DESY DESY 75-003 Large Momentum Transfer Corrections to the Glauber Model in Nonrelativistic Eikonal Expansion Z.J. Rek DESY Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies DESY 75-004 Electromagnetic Form-Factors of n* Resonances and their Determination from Pion Electroproduction R.C.E. Devenish DESY D.H. Lyth Lancaster U. DESY 75-005 Photoproduction of phi Mesons at Small t Values H.-J. Behrend, J. Bodenkamp, W.P. Hesse DESY D.C. Fries, P. Heine, H. Hirschmann, W.A. McNeely, A. Markou, E. Seitz Karlsruhe U. Karlsruhe U., EKP DESY 75-006 Scaling of Sigma (e+ e- --> Hadrons) in Asymptotically Nonfree Theories F. Gutbrod, W. Kerler DESY DESY 75-007 Muon Pair Production by e+ e- Annihilation at the 3100-MeV Resonance DASP Collaboration DESY 75-008 The Bethe-Salpeter Equation and the Relativistic Quark Model Tamara S. Eisenschitz DESY DESY 75-009 Comment Concerning the Evaluation of the Cabibbo-Radicati Sum Rule H. Genz DESY Karlsruhe U. DESY 75-010 Mass Formulas for Broken SU(4) A. Kazi, G. Kramer, D.H. Schiller Hamburg U. DESY 75-011 Decay Properties of the New Vector Mesons in Broken SU(4) A. Kazi, G. Kramer, D.H. Schiller Hamburg U. DESY 75-012 Renormalization Problem in Nonrenormalizable Massless phi**4 Theory K. Symanzik DESY DESY 75-013 Color and the New Particles: A Brief Review D. Schildknecht DESY DESY 75-014 Two-Body Hadronic Decays of the 3.1-GeV Resonance DASP Collaboration DESY 75-015 Broken SU(4) Relations for Particle Production at Large Angle LPTHE-TH-75/20 Takeo Inami Orsay, LPT DESY DESY 75-016 Scintillation in Gases Commonly Used as Cherenkov Radiators S. Bertolucci, C. Bradaschia, P. Giromini, A. Mancuso, T. McCorriston, C. Rippich, M. Rohde, S. Vaccaro DESY DESY 75-017 Some Recent Results on Photoproduction and Electroproduction of Hadrons G. Weber DESY Hamburg U. DESY 75-018 Off Diagonal Generalized Vector Dominance: A Comparison with Recent e p Deep Inelastic Data R. Devenish, D. Schildknecht DESY DESY 75-019 Are the psi's Really Pure S-Wave States? M. Krammer, H. Krasemann DESY Hamburg U. DESY 75-020 Observation of the Two Photon Cascade 3.7-GeV --> 3.1-GeV + gamma gamma via an Intermediate State p - Charm DASP Collaboration DESY 75-021 Heavy Vector Meson Dominance T.F. Walsh DESY DESY 75-022 Classical Aspects and Fluctuation Behavior of Two-Dimensional C75-06-26-1 Models in Statistical Mechanics and Many Body Physics Bert Schroer Freie U., Berlin DESY DESY 75-023 Electroproduction of Neutral Pions at Energies Above the Resonance Region F.W. Brasse, W. Fehrenbach, W. Flauger, Joerg Gayler, S.P. Goel, R. Haidan, U. Kotz, V. Korbel, D. Kreinick, J. Ludwig, J. May, M. Merkwitz, K.-H. Mess, Peter Schmueser, B.H. Wiik DESY Hamburg U. DESY 75-024 Renormalization Problem in a Class of Nonrenormalizable C75-06-02.1-2 Theories K. Symanzik DESY DESY 75-025 Comment on the Phases of Inelastic Partial Waves and their Transformation, SU(6)-w, and Vector Dominance P. Soding DESY DESY 75-026 Longitudinal Instabilities of a Single Bunch and the Observation of Reduced Landau Damping in DORIS R.D. Kohaupt DESY DESY 75-027 Five Quarks, New Particles, and v+a Currents Yoav Achiman Heidelberg U. K. Koller, T.F. Walsh DESY DESY 75-028 Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and Interactions Through Quadratic Constraints K. Pohlmeyer Hamburg U. DESY 75-029 Electroproduction of pi+ Mesons in the Resonance Region J.-C. Alder, H. Behrens, F.W. Brasse, W. Fehrenbach, Joerg Gayler, S.P. Goel, R. Haidan, V. Korbel, J. May, M. Merkwitz DESY DESY 75-030 Influence of Anomalous Thresholds in electron-Positron Annihilation Into Hadrons: The e+ e- --> rho pi pi Cross-Section G. Kramer Hamburg U. G. Schierholz CERN K. Sundermeyer Wuppertal U. DESY 75-031 Test of the Zweig Selection Rule in phi Production by p p Collisions V. Blobel, H. Fesefeldt, H. Franz, A. Hofmann, Ch. Jetter, H. Neumann, B. Schroder, P. Soding DESY Hamburg U. Munich, Max Planck Inst. Bonn U. DESY 75-032 Results on Two-Body Decays of the (3100)-Resonance L. Criegee, H.C. Dehne, J. Fox, G. Franke, G. Horlitz, G. Knies, E. Lohrmann, R. Schmitz, T.N. Ranga Swamy, U. Timm, P. Waloschek, G.G. Winter, S. Wolff, W. Zimmermann DESY DESY 75-033 Anomalies of Currents in the Quantized Sine-Gordon Equation R. Flume Hamburg U. DESY 75-034 E+ e- --> Hadrons: Results from the DESY-Heidelberg-Collaboration J. Heintze Heidelberg U. DESY 75-035 Jets in Inclusive e+ e- and Leptoproduction M. Gronau, T.F. Walsh, Y. Zarmi DESY W.S. Lam Bielefeld U. DESY 75-036 Study of Photoproduction on Hydrogen in a Streamer Chamber with Reaction Cross-Sections Aachen-Hamburg-Heidelberg-Munich Collaboration DESY 75-037 Recent Results from DORIS B.H. Wiik DESY DESY 75-038 Decay of the psi (3.1) in Broken SU(4) A. Kazi, G. Kramer Hamburg U. D.H. Schiller Siegen U. DESY 75-039 Target Asymmetry in Inclusive Photoproduction of Pions K. Ahmed, J.G. Korner, G. Kramer DESY Hamburg U. N.S. Craigie CERN DESY 75-040 Review of Electroproduction of Final States Guenter E. Wolf DESY DESY 75-041 Electroproduction of Neutral Pions in the Resonance Region J.-C. Alder, F.W. Brasse, W. Fehrenbach, Joerg Gayler, S.P. Goel, R. Haidan, V. Korbel, J. May, M. Merkwitz, A. Nurimba DESY DESY 75-042 Search for Narrow Resonances in the Reaction gamma Be --> e e- 2.6-GeV P. Brauel, Th. Canzler, D. Cords, R. Felst, Guenter Grindhammer, W.-D. Kollmann, H. Krehbiel, M. Schadlich DESY Hamburg U. DESY 75-043 A Model for the Process e+ e- --> rho0 Epsilon F. Gutbrod DESY U. Weiss Stuttgart U. DESY 75-044 Duality in Quantum Field Theory G. Mack Hamburg U. DESY 75-045 Operator Product Expansions on the Vacuum in Conformal Quantum Field Theory in Two Space-Time Dimensions M. Luscher Hamburg U. DESY 75-046 Identification of a Possible Chi (3.55) J. Daboul, H. Krasemann DESY DESY 75-047 Does x (2.8-GeV) Favor Charm Or Color? Tsunehiro Kobayashi DESY DESY 75-048 Electromagnetic N N* Transition Form-Factors R.C.E. Devenish, T.S. Eisenschitz, J.G. Korner DESY DESY 75-049 Two Component Picture of e+ e- Inclusive Processes F. Elvekjaer, F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 75-050 All Unitary Ray Representations of the Conformal Group SU(2,2) with Positive Energy G. Mack Hamburg U. DESY 75-051 Analytic Representations of Simple Lie Groups and their Semigroups M. Luscher Hamburg U. DESY 75-052 Collinearity Angle Distribution in e-mu Events Kazuo Fujikawa DESY Noboru Kawamoto Tokyo Inst. Tech. DESY 75-053 Final States in Hadron-Hadron Collisions and in e+ e- Annihilation F. Elvekjaer Hamburg U. DESY 75-054 A Dispersion Theory Method for the Inelastic Contribution for the Nucleon Isovector Form-Factor Jurgen Willrodt Hamburg U. DESY 75-055 Multi-Hadron Decays of New Mesons K. Koller, T.F. Walsh DESY DESY 75-056 Photon-Nucleus Collisions and the Relative Phase Between the gamma p --> pi0 p and rho0 p --> pi0 p Amplitudes C. Avilez DESY G. Cocho Mexico U. DESY 75-057 Helicity Content of the Electroexcitation of Leading Baryon Resonances from Duality and T Channel Constraints J.G. Korner DESY I. Bender Heidelberg U. A. Actor Dortmund U.

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