DESY 81-001 LEPTON PAIR PRODUCTION AND SEARCH FOR A NEW HEAVY LEPTON IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION PLUTO Collaboration DESY 81-002 LUMINOSITY FUNCTION FOR TWO PHOTON PROCESSES IN THE SINGLE TAGGING MODE Christoph Berger Aachen, Tech. Hochsch. J.H. Field DESY DESY 81-003 SELECTED TOPICS IN e+ e- PHYSICS C80-07-27-4 Sau Lan Wu Wisconsin U., Madison DESY DESY 81-004 Schrodinger Representation and Casimir Effect in Renormalizable Quantum Field Theory K. Symanzik DESY DESY 81-005 Evidence for Charged Primary Partons in e+ e- ---> Two Jets TASSO Collaboration DESY 81-006 SEARCH FOR NARROW RESONANCES IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT c.m. ENERGIES BETWEEN 33.0-GeV AND 36.72-GeV JADE Collaboration DESY 81-007 NET CHARGE OF QUARK JETS IN (ANTI)-NEUTRINO INTERACTIONS M. Teper DESY DESY 81-008 CHARGED HADRON PRODUCTION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION IN THE UPSILON AND UPSILON' REGION LENA Collaboration DESY 81-009 Experimental Study of Jets in electron - Positron Annihilation JADE Collaboration DESY 81-010 FIRST RESULTS OF A CALCULATION OF THE LONG RANGE QUARK - ANTI-QUARK POTENTIAL FROM ASYMPTOTIC QCD DYNAMICS H.D. Dahmen Siegen U. B. Scholz DESY F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 81-011 INCLUSIVE HADRON PRODUCTION IN THE UPSILON REGION H. Albrecht, R. Childers, C.W. Darden, G. Drews, H. Hasemann, E. McCliment, W. Schmidt-Parzefall, H. Schroder, H.D. Schulz, F. Selonke, E. Steinmann, R. Wurth DESY W. Hofmann, A. Markees, D. Wegener Dortmund U. Klaus R. Schubert, INSPIRE-00124478, J. Stiewe, R. Waldi, S. Weseler Heidelberg U. P. Bockmann, L. Jonsson Lund U. M. Danilov, Yu. Semenov, I. Tikhomirov, Yu. Zaitsev Moscow, ITEP DESY 81-012 REVIEW OF ELECTRON - POSITRON PHYSICS AT PETRA P. Duinker NIKHEF, Amsterdam DESY 81-013 Experimental evidence on QCD P. Soding, G. Wolf DESY DESY 81-014 ITERATED MAYER EXPANSION FOR CLASSICAL GASES AT LOW TEMPERATURES Markus Gopfert, Gerhard Mack Hamburg U. DESY 81-015 A DETERMINATION OF QUARK WEAK COUPLINGS AT PETRA ENERGIES JADE Collaboration DESY 81-016 QCD IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION: THEORY AND PRACTICE Ahmed Ali DESY DESY 81-017 MEASURING THE CHARGES OF QCD JETS C.J. Maxwell Rutherford M.J. Teper DESY DESY 81-018 INCLUSIVE K0 PRODUCTION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION FOR 9.3-GeV < s**(1/2) < 31.6-GeV PLUTO Collaboration DESY 81-019 INCLUSIVE PRODUCTION OF BARYONS IN DECAYS OF THE UPSILON (9.46) AND IN QUARK JETS W. Hofmann Dortmund U. DESY 81-020 A MODEL OF DEEP INELASTIC POLARIZED ELECTROPRODUCTION Anjan S. Joshipura Hamburg U. Probir Roy CERN DESY 81-021 MEASUREMENT OF e+ e- ---> e+ e- AND e+ e- ---> gamma gamma AT KfK 3183 ENERGIES UP TO 36.7-GeV CELLO Collaboration DESY 81-022 Susskind Fermions on a Euclidean Lattice H.S. Sharatchandra DESY H.J. Thun, P. Weisz Hamburg U. DESY 81-023 TOTAL CROSS-SECTION FOR INCLUSIVE ELECTRON SCATTERING IN THE LOW Q**2 REGION J. Franz, G. Guzielski, G. Huber, G. Mecklenbrauck, W. Mecklenbrauck, E. Rossle Freiburg U. U. Glawe, U. Strohbusch Hamburg U. B. Johnsson, G.G. Jonsson, R. Petersson Lund U. DESY 81-024 PARTON TRANSVERSE MOMENTUM CORRECTIONS IN LEPTOPRODUCTION JET CROSS-SECTIONS A.S. Joshipura, G. Kramer Hamburg U. DESY 81-025 ENERGY CARRIED BY GAMMA RAYS AND NEUTRAL PARTICLES IN MULTI - HADRON FINAL STATES AT PETRA JADE Collaboration DESY 81-026 TWO PHOTON EXCITATION OF THE TENSOR MESON f0 (1270) Tasso Collaboration DESY 81-027 RADIATIVE QUARK MASS GENERATION AND A FOURTH QUARK FAMILY G. Kramer, I. Montvay Hamburg U. DESY 81-028 Baryon Production in e+ e- Annihilation at PETRA JADE Collaboration DESY 81-029 SEARCH FOR NARROW QUARKONIUM STATES AND PAIR PRODUCTION OF NEW HEAVY QUARKS AT c.m. ENERGIES FROM 33-GeV TO 36.7-GeV CELLO Collaboration DESY 81-030 TESTS OF QED AND ELECTROWEAK THEORIES AT PETRA P. Dittmann DESY V. Hepp Hamburg U. DESY 81-031 MINIBETA. 2. H. Newman DESY DESY 81-032 IMPLICATIONS OF DYNAMICAL SYMMETRY BREAKING FOR HIGH-ENERGY C81-01-19-17 EXPERIMENTS Ahmed Ali DESY DESY 81-033 INVESTIGATION OF HIGH P(T) JETS IN TWO PHOTON INTERACTIONS C81-04-06.1-12 Dieter Cords DESY DESY 81-034 DIFFICULTIES FOR A SIMPLE PICTURE OF SPONTANEOUS CP VIOLATION J.G. Korner DESY D. McKay Hamburg U. DESY 81-035 Higher Order Perturbative QCD Calculation of Jet Cross-Sections in e+ e- Annihilation K. Fabricius, I. Schmitt Wuppertal U. G. Kramer, G. Schierholz Hamburg U. DESY 81-036 Proof of Confinement of Static Quarks in Three-Dimensional U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory for All Values of the Coupling Constant Markus Gopfert, Gerhard Mack Hamburg U. DESY 81-037 RECENT EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS IN gamma gamma INTERACTIONS C81-04-06.1-13 J.H. Field DESY DESY 81-038 LIGHT COMPOSITE FERMIONS AND ANOMALY MATCHING REVISITED Carl H. Albright DESY B. Schrempp, F. Schrempp Hamburg U. DESY 81-039 LAMBDA, anti-LAMBDA PRODUCTION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT 33-GeV CENTER-OF-MASS ENERGY TASSO Collaboration DESY 81-040 SUPERWEAK CP VIOLATION AND RIGHT-HANDED HORIZONTAL INTERACTIONS A.S. Joshipura, I. Montvay Hamburg U. DESY 81-041 BARYON PRODUCTION IN QCD JETS G. Schierholz Hamburg U. M. Teper DESY DESY 81-042 ON HIGHER ORDER CORRECTIONS TO THREE JET CROSS-SECTIONS C81-03-25.1-20 G. Schierholz Hamburg U. DESY 81-043 HELICITY DESCRIPTION OF e+ e- ---> q anti-q g AND e+ e- ---> Q POLARIZATION EFFECTS Jurgen G. Korner DESY D.H. Schiller Siegen U. DESY 81-044 REVIEW OF e+ e- EXPERIMENTS WITH PLUTO FROM 3-GeV TO 31-GeV Lutz Criegee, Gerhard Knies DESY DESY 81-045 CHARACTERISTICS OF LEAD SCINTILLATOR SAMPLING SHOWER COUNTERS 6-GeV W. Hofmann, A. Markees, U. Matthiesen, O. Madiger, M. Schmelling Dortmund U. DESY 81-046 A MONTE CARLO MODEL TO PRODUCE BARYONS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION Thomas Meyer Wisconsin U., Madison DESY 81-047 DORIS-II / DORIS-III: A 5.8-GeV e+ e- STORAGE RING WITH HIGH C81-02-10-1 LUMINOSITY K. Wille DESY DESY 81-048 OBSERVATION OF HIGH P(T) JETS IN TWO PHOTON INTERACTIONS JADE Collaboration DESY 81-049 A DISORDER PARAMETER THAT TESTS FOR CONFINEMENT IN GAUGE THEORIES WITH QUARK FIELDS Gerhard Mack, Hildegard Meyer Hamburg U. DESY 81-050 Multiple Bremsstrahlung in Gauge Theories at High-Energies. 1. General Formalism for Quantum Electrodynamics P. De Causmaecker, R. Gastmans, W. Troost Leuven U. Tai Tsun Wu DESY Harvard U. DESY 81-051 FIRST MEASUREMENT OF THE PHOTON STRUCTURE FUNCTION F2 PLUTO Collaboration DESY 81-052 THE RENORMALIZATION OF FF R. Tarrach Barcelona U. DESY 81-053 HIGH P(T) HADRON PRODUCTION IN PHOTON - PHOTON COLLISIONS TASSO Collaboration DESY 81-054 ENERGY DEPENDENCE OF EVENT SHAPES IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT C81-07-09-25 center-of-mass ENERGIES FROM 7.7-GeV TO 31.6-GeV PLUTO Collaboration DESY 81-055 PREPARATION OF SILICA AEROGEL FOR CHERENKOV COUNTERS G. Poelz Hamburg U. R. Riethmuller DESY DESY 81-056 FERMI PSEUDOPOTENTIAL IN HIGHER DIMENSIONS Alexander Grossmann Marseille, CPT Tai Tsun Wu DESY Harvard U. DESY 81-057 THE TWO-DIMENSIONAL O(4) SYMMETRIC HEISENBERG FERROMAGNET IN TERMS OF ROTATION INVARIANT VARIABLES Annette Holtkamp, INSPIRE-00302452 Hamburg U. DESY 81-058 EXCLUSIVE PROTON - ANTI-PROTON PRODUCTION IN TWO PHOTON COLLISIONS TASSO Collaboration DESY 81-059 THE QCD EFFECTIVE COUPLING CONSTANT IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION C81-08-24-17 Ahmed Ali DESY DESY 81-060 PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE HIGGS BOSON C81-07-20-3 Ahmed Ali DESY DESY 81-061 LOCAL OBSERVABLES IN NONABELIAN GAUGE THEORIES H.S. Sharatchandra DESY DESY 81-062 INFRARED DYNAMICS OF QUANTUM ELECTRODYNAMICS AND THE ASYMPTOTIC BEHAVIOR OF THE ELECTRON FORM-FACTOR H.D. Dahmen Siegen U. B. Scholz DESY F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 81-063 QCD EFFECTS IN HADRON PRODUCTION BY HIGH-ENERGY MUONS: RESULTS C81-07-09-34 OF THE EUROPEAN MUON COLLABORATION Joerg Gayler DESY DESY 81-064 TECHNICOLOR PARTICLES AT LEP ECFA-LEP SPECIALIZED STUDY GROUP 9, EXOTIC PARTICLES DESY 81-065 MEASUREMENT OF WIRE TENSION IN DRIFT TUBES BY RESONANCE IN A MAGNETIC FIELD H. Hultschig, A. Ladage DESY DESY 81-066 REVIEW OF MINIBETA LUMINOSITIES IN PETRA AT DIFFERENT ENERGIES A. Piwinski DESY DESY 81-067 MONOPOLES, VORTICES, AND CONFINEMENT G. Mack Hamburg U. E. Pietarinen DESY Helsinki U. DESY 81-068 SOME TOPICS IN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY C81-08-11-4 K. Symanzik DESY DESY 81-069 pi0 PRODUCTION BY e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT 14-GeV AND 34-GeV center-of-mass ENERGY TASSO Collaboration DESY 81-070 EVIDENCE ON THE GLUON P. Soding DESY DESY 81-071 RECENT e+ e- RESULTS FROM PETRA C81-07-27-6 Sau Lan Wu Wisconsin U., Madison DESY DESY 81-072 OBSERVATION OF A CHARGE ASYMMETRY IN e+ e- ---> mu+ mu- JADE Collaboration DESY 81-073 RECENT EXPERIMENTAL TESTS OF THE ELECTROWEAK THEORY C81-08-24-42 James G. Branson MIT, LNS DESY DESY 81-074 Recent Results from PETRA: Search for New Particles C81-08-24-43 Jochen Burger DESY DESY 81-075 Recent Results from PETRA on R, on Hadronic Final States and on C81-08-24-44 Inclusive Hadron Spectra R. Felst DESY DESY 81-076 Recent Results from DORIS J.K. Bienlein DESY DESY 81-077 STEFAN-BOLTZMANN LAW AT HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR THE GLUON GAS I. Montvay Hamburg U. E. Pietarinen Helsinki U. DESY 81-078 THE NONFORWARD QCD LADDER DIAGRAMS Jochen Bartels, M. Loewe Hamburg U. DESY 81-079 PROOF OF BANDER'S CONJECTURE CONCERNING AMBIGUITIES OF MAGNETIC FLUX P. Mitra Hamburg U. DESY 81-080 TOPOLOGY OF HADRONIC e+ e- ANNIHILATION EVENTS AT 22-GeV AND 34-GeV center-of-mass ENERGY CELLO Collaboration DESY 81-081 ENERGY DEPENDENCE OF JET MEASURES IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION PLUTO Collaboration DESY 81-082 SOME RARE PROCESSES IN A MODEL OF COMPOSITE QUARKS AND LEPTONS Z.Y. Zhu DESY DESY 81-083 PERTURBATIVE CORRECTIONS TO MONTE CARLO LAMBDA PARAMETER DETERMINATIONS H.S. Sharatchandra DESY P.H. Weisz Hamburg U. DESY 81-084 Jets from Hadron, Muon, Neutrino Interactions in Comparison with Jets from e+e- Annihilation D. Haidt DESY DESY 81-085 CONSTRAINTS ON RECOMBINATION FUNCTIONS FROM J / psi DECAYS L.M. Jones DESY DESY 81-086 HIGH-ENERGY e+ e- INTERACTIONS C81-07-14.1-6 G. Wolf C81-09-20-2 DESY DESY 81-087 HORIZONTAL GAUGE INTERACTIONS AND CP VIOLATION IN THE B0 anti-B0 SYSTEM A.S. Joshipura DESY I. Montvay Hamburg U. DESY 81-088 ON THE QUANTITATIVE PREDICTION OF BUNCH LENGTHENING IN HIGH-ENERGY ELECTRON STORAGE RINGS T. Weiland DESY DESY 81-089 THE GLUEBALL MASS SPECTRUM IN QCD: FIRST RESULTS OF A LATTICE MONTE CARLO CALCULATION K. Ishikawa, M. Teper DESY G. Schierholz Hamburg U.

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