DESY 88-001 THREE MIRROR PAIRS OF FERMION FAMILIES I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-002 A CHIRAL ANOMALY CHANNEL IN tau DECAY. 2. DOE/ER/01545-400 G. Kramer Hamburg U. William F. Palmer Ohio State U. DESY 88-003 RADIATIVE CORRECTIONS TO HIGH-ENERGY PROCESSES AND PRECISION TESTS OF THE ELECTROWEAK THEORY W. Hollik Hamburg U. DESY 88-004 LIFETIMES OF HEAVY FLAVOR PARTICLES FROM TASSO M. Takashima Wisconsin U., Madison DESY 88-005 A SEARCH FOR PARTICLES WITH MAGNETIC CHARGE PRODUCED IN e+ e- ANNIHILATIONS AT S**(1/2) = 35-GeV TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-006 COSMONS AND FIFTH FORCES C87/12/10 R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-007 The Width of the Z Boson Wim Beenakker Leiden U. Wolfgang Hollik Hamburg U. DESY 88-008 AN ESTIMATE OF EXCHANGE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE REACTION gamma gamma ---> rho0 rho0 NEAR THRESHOLD H. Kolanoski Dortmund U. DESY 88-009 SHIELDING IN THE CHIRAL SCHWINGER MODEL T. Berger, N.K. Falck, G. Kramer Hamburg U. DESY 88-010 RADIATIVE PION DECAY: DETERMINATION OF F(A)(O) FROM tau LEPTON DECAY DATA C.A. Dominguez DESY J. Sola Barcelona, Autonoma U. DESY 88-011 OBSERVATION OF THE CHARMED BARYON LAMBDA(c) IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT 10-GeV ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-012 OBSERVATION OF INCLUSIVE B MESON DECAYS INTO LAMBDA(c)+ BARYONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-013 CALCULATION OF TRANSVERSE AND LONGITUDINAL SPACE CHARGE EFFECTS WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE FULLY SIX-DIMENSIONAL FORMALISM I. Borchardt, E. Karantzoulis, H. Mais, G. Ripken DESY DESY 88-014 SOFT PROCESSES IN VERY HIGH-ENERGY PROTON PROTON COLLISIONS C87-05-31.1 G. Ingelman DESY DESY 88-015 COMPARISON OF THE PARTICLE FLOW IN q anti-q gamma AND q anti-q g EVENTS FROM e+ e- ANNIHILATIONS AT PETRA JADE Collaboration DESY 88-016 A SEARCH FOR omega PHI AND PHI PHI PRODUCTION IN THE REACTIONS gamma gamma ---> K+ K- pi+ pi- pi0 AND gamma gamma ---> 2 K+ 2 K- ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-017 A NEW INTERMEDIATE RANGE SCALAR FORCE? C. Wetterich DESY DESY 88-018 SHORT DISTANCE CP VIOLATING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE K(L) ---> pi0 e+ e- DECAY J.O. Eeg Oslo U. I. Picek DESY Boskovic Inst., Zagreb DESY 88-019 GAUGE FIXING AND THE COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT ITP-UH-1/88 W. Buchmuller Hannover U. DESY N. Dragon Hannover U. DESY 88-020 CHARACTERISTICS OF HEAVY FLAVOR PRODUCTION IN e p COLLISIONS G. Ingelman, G.A. Schuler DESY DESY 88-021 FERMIONIC JACOBIAN AND GAUGE INVARIANCE IN THE CHIRAL SCHWINGER MODEL N.K. Falck Hamburg U. DESY 88-022 MASSIVE NEUTRINOS IN GAUGE THEORIES Paul Langacker DESY DESY 88-023 MASSIVE NEUTRINOS C87-10-20.1 Paul Langacker DESY DESY 88-024 A NEW PHASE FOR AN OLD THEORY? R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-025 ON THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE SCALES OF WEAK AND STRONG INTERACTIONS C. Wetterich DESY DESY 88-026 HIGGS AND W MASS ON THE LATTICE AT STRONG GAUGE COUPLING U. Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-027 SCALING BEHAVIOR AND VOLUME DEPENDENCE OF THE SU(2) TOPOLOGICAL MZ-TH/88-03 SUSCEPTIBILITY M. Kremer Mainz U., Inst. Phys. Andreas S. Kronfeld, INSPIRE-00098702 DESY M.L. Laursen Mainz U., Inst. Phys. Bohr Inst. G. Schierholz DESY Kiel U. C. Schleiermacher Hannover U. U.J. Wiese Hamburg U. DESY 88-028 THE SIGMA MODEL WITH WILSON LATTICE FERMIONS I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-029 EINSTEIN GRAVITY FROM RESTRICTED COORDINATE INVARIANCE ITP-UH-2/88 W. Buchmuller Hannover U. DESY N. Dragon Hannover U. Karlsruhe U. DESY 88-030 CAUSTICS IN A CUBIC SU(2) LATTICE MODEL WITH ANTIPERIODIC BOUNDARY CONDITIONS B. Raabe Hamburg U. DESY 88-031 SEARCH FOR RADIATIVE UPSILON (1S) DECAYS INTO LIGHT MESONS SLAC-PUB-4568 Crystal Ball Collaboration DESY 88-032 DETERMINATION OF GAMMA (e e) OF THE UPSILON (1S) AND UPSILON SLAC-PUB-4567 Crystal Ball Collaboration DESY 88-033 FORMATION OF THE PSEUDOSCALARS pi0, eta AND eta-prime IN THE SLAC-PUB-4573 REACTION gamma gamma ---> gamma gamma Crystal Ball Collaboration DESY 88-034 A MEASUREMENT OF THE tau LIFETIME TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-035 SEMILEPTONIC CHARM MESON DECAYS AND THE MATRIX ELEMENTS V (c s) AND V (c d) C.A. Dominguez DESY N. Paver Trieste U. SISSA, Trieste INFN, Trieste DESY 88-036 ON THE PERIODIC ORBITS OF A STRONGLY CHAOTIC SYSTEM R. Aurich, F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 88-037 LIFETIMES OF CHARMED MESONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-038 QUANTIZATION OF RESTRICTED GRAVITY ITP-UH-3/88 Norbert Dragon Hannover U. Karlsruhe U. Maximilian Kreuzer Hannover U. DESY 88-039 THE MESON SPECTRUM OF LATTICE QCD IN FIRST ORDER STRONG COUPLING APPROXIMATION Maged Mehamid Hamburg U. DESY DESY 88-040 RENORMALIZATION THEORY FOR USE IN CONVERGENT EXPANSIONS OF C87/07/16.1 EUCLIDEAN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY Andreas Pordt Hamburg U. DESY 88-041 GENERAL STATISTICS C. Wetterich DESY DESY 88-042 THE SU(3) TOPOLOGICAL SUSCEPTIBILITY AS A PROBE OF SCALING M. Gockeler Heidelberg U. Andreas S. Kronfeld, INSPIRE-00098702 DESY M.L. Laursen Mainz U., Inst. Phys. Bohr Inst. G. Schierholz DESY Kiel U. U.J. Wiese Hamburg U. DESY 88-043 Mixing Between Ordinary and Exotic Fermions Paul Langacker, David London DESY DESY 88-044 LEPTON NUMBER VIOLATION AND MASSLESS NONORTHOGONAL NEUTRINOS Paul Langacker, David London DESY DESY 88-045 THE PATH INTEGRAL ON THE POINCARE UPPER HALF PLANE WITH A MAGNETIC FIELD AND FOR THE MORSE POTENTIAL C. Grosche Hamburg U. DESY 88-046 ANALYSIS OF MULTI - JET FINAL STATES IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION OUNP-29-88 TASSO Collaboration OXFORD-NP-29-88 DESY 88-047 CANONICAL QUANTIZATION OF NONABELIAN GAUGE THEORIES IN TWO-DIMENSIONS C.E.M. Wagner, INSPIRE-00134493 DESY DESY 88-048 ON THE ITERATION OF RENORMALIZATION GROUP TRANSFORMATIONS IN A FOUR-DIMENSIONAL HIERARCHICAL SU(2) LATTICE GAUGE THEORY MODEL Hans-Jorg Timme Hamburg U. DESY 88-049 PERCOLATION CLUSTER ALGORITHM AND SCALING BEHAVIOR IN THE FOUR-DIMENSIONAL ISING MODEL I. Montvay DESY G. Munster Hamburg U. U. Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-050 STUDY OF eta(c) PRODUCTION IN TWO PHOTON COLLISIONS WIS-88-15-PH TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-051 PERFORMANCE OF A SCINTILLATING GLASS CALORIMETER FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC SHOWERS U. Buchner, J.P. Donker, B. Spaan, J. Spengler, G. Schweda, D. Wegener Dortmund U. W. Schmidt-Parzefall DESY DESY 88-052 NEUTRINO COUNTING WITH THE CELLO DETECTOR AND SEARCH FOR SUPERSYMMETRIC PARTICLES CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-053 SEARCH FOR D0 DECAYS INTO LEPTON PAIRS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-054 ON THE RENORMALIZATION OF YANG-MILLS THEORIES IN AXIAL GAUGES PRINT-88-0307 (VIENNA)WITHIN A UNIFORM PRESCRIPTION ITP-UH-5-88 P. Gaigg Vienna, Tech. U M. Kreuzer Hannover U. G. Pollak Vienna, Tech. U. DESY 88-055 QUANTUM CHAOLOGY OF THE HADAMARD-GUTZWILLER MODEL R. Aurich, M. Sieber, F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 88-056 Observation of the Charmless B Meson Decays ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-057 THE ADIABATIC METHOD AND THE SPHALERON CHARGE Marcela S. Carena DESY DESY 88-058 OBSERVATION OF THE CHARMED BARYON SIGMA(c) IN e+ e- ANNIHILATIONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-059 A MEASUREMENT OF MUON PAIR PRODUCTION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT OXFORD-NP-33-88 CENTER-OF-MASS ENERGIES 35-GeV <= s**(1/2) <= 46.8-GeV TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-060 A SEARCH FOR NEW LEPTONS SACLAY-DPhPE-88/07 CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-061 PERTURBATIVE QCD COHERENCE IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION G. Kramer Hamburg U. G.A. Schuler DESY DESY 88-062 SEARCH FOR THE DECAY B ---> k* gamma ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-063 QCD CALCULATION OF B ---> pi lepton anti-lepton-neutrino AND THE MATRIX ELEMENT V (b u) C.A. Dominguez DESY N. Paver Trieste U. INFN, Trieste DESY 88-064 MIXING BETWEEN ORDINARY AND EXOTIC FERMIONS AND EFFECTS OF C88/03/06.1 NONORTHOGONAL NEUTRINOS Paul Langacker, David London DESY DESY 88-065 SEARCH FOR EXOTIC TAU DECAYS SLAC-PUB-4634 Crystal Ball Collaboration HEN-295 DESY 88-066 CLUSTER EXPANSION IN TERMS OF KNOTS IN GAUGE THEORIES WITH ARBITRARY FINITE GAUGE GROUP K. Szlachanyi Hamburg U. P. Vecsernyes Budapest, RMKI DESY 88-067 NONSTANDARD PRODUCTION OF THE STANDARD HIGGS ITP-UH-4/88 B. Lampe, N. Vlachos Hannover U. DESY 88-068 STRONG SPIN MATCHING WITH AND WITHOUT SNAKES: A SCHEME FOR PRESERVING POLARIZATION IN LARGE RING ACCELERATORS K. Steffen DESY DESY 88-069 THE theta VACUUM IN SU(2) LATTICE GAUGE THEORY MZ-TH/88-04 Andreas S. Kronfeld, INSPIRE-00098702 DESY M.L. Laursen Mainz U., Inst. Phys. Bohr Inst. G. Schierholz DESY Kiel U. C. Schleiermacher Hannover U. U.J. Wiese Hamburg U. DESY 88-070 EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF ELECTRON - HADRON SEPARATION IN CALORIMETERS USING SILICON DIODES A. Dwurazny, W. Krupinski Cracow, INP G. Barbagli, P.G. Pelfer Florence U. INFN, Florence D.G. Cassel, R. Klanner, U. Kotz, W. Koch DESY J. Tengeler Hamburg U. N. Wainer Weizmann Inst. DESY 88-071 ON THE EXISTENCE OF EQUILIBRIUM STATES IN LOCAL QUANTUM FIELD THEORY Detlev Buchholz Hamburg U. Peter Junglas Gottingen U. DESY 88-072 OBSERVATION OF THE ORBITALLY EXCITED LAMBDA (1520) BARYON IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-073 PERFORMANCE OF A Pb Cu LIQUID ARGON CALORIMETER WITH AN IRON STREAMER TUBE TAIL CATCHER H1 Calorimeter Group DESY 88-074 THE PATH INTEGRAL ON THE POINCARE DISK: THE POINCARE UPPER HALF PLANE AND ON THE HYPERBOLIC STRIP C. Grosche Hamburg U. DESY 88-075 JETS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AND QCD FTUAM-EP-88-03 Ahmed Ali DESY Fernando Barreiro Madrid, Autonoma U. DESY 88-076 RECENT ASPECTS OF GUT PHENOMENOLOGY C88/04/28 P. Langacker DESY DESY 88-077 K-L ---> mu e IN SU(2)-L x U(1) AND SU(2)-L x SU(2)-R x U(1) MODELS WITH LARGE NEUTRINO MASSES Paul Langacker, S. Uma Sankar DESY K. Schilcher Mainz U., Inst. Phys. DESY 88-078 SPECULATIONS ON THE ORIGIN OF FLAVOR C88/04/05 R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-079 INCLUSIVE PHI MESON PRODUCTION IN ELECTRON - POSITRON INTERACTIONS IN THE ENERGY REGION OF THE UPSILON RESONANCES ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-080 ARGUS: A Universal Detector at DORIS-II ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-081 THEORETICAL STUDIES OF ENERGY-ENERGY CORRELATION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION N.K. Falck, G. Kramer Hamburg U. DESY 88-082 ANALYSIS OF MUON DECAY WITH LEPTON NUMBER NONCONSERVING INTERACTIONS Paul Langacker, David London DESY DESY 88-083 Is There a Strong Interaction Sector in the Standard Lattice Higgs Model? M. Luscher DESY P. Weisz Florida State U. DESY 88-084 FIRST OBSERVATION OF gamma gamma ---> K*+ K*- ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-085 QCD EFFECTS IN HADRONIC FINAL STATES AT HERA C87/10/12 M. Bengtsson Aachen, Tech. Hochsch. G. Ingelman, B. Naroska DESY DESY 88-086 AN ANALYSIS OF MULTI - HADRONIC EVENTS PRODUCED WITH TWO LAL-88-27 ENERGETIC LEPTONS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-087 SCALAR INTERACTIONS WITH INTERMEDIATE RANGE Boris M. Kastening, R.D. Peccei, C. Wetterich DESY DESY 88-088 MEASUREMENT OF THE DECAYS tau- ---> K*- tau-neutrino AND tau- ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-089 THE WEAK NEUTRAL CURRENT C88/05/17 Paul Langacker DESY DESY 88-090 STUDY OF DRIFT CHAMBER AGING WITH PROPANE M. Danilov, V. Nagovitsyn, V. Shibaev, I. Tikhomirov Moscow, ITEP E. Michel, W. Schmidt-Parzefall DESY DESY 88-091 Measurement of the two photon reaction gamma gamma --> pi plus pi minus pi plus pi minus at large values of q(2) W. Braunschweig, R. Gerhards, F.J. Kirschfink, H.-U Martyn Aachen, Tech. Hochsch. DESY 88-092 DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF A 10-MHz CMOS ANALOG PIPELINE C88-03-07 W. Buttler, B. Hosticka, J. Moschen, U. Schoneberg Fraunhofer Inst., Duisburg A. Caldwell, W. Sippach Columbia U. C. Hayes, R. Klanner, U. Kotz DESY L. Hervas, J. del Peso Madrid, Autonoma U. A. Hofmann Hamburg U. P. Malecki Cracow, INP DESY 88-093 COHERENCE AND PHYSICS OF QCD JETS Yuri L. Dokshitzer, Valery A. Khoze, S.I. Troian St. Petersburg, INP DESY 88-094 ON THE ENERGY RESOLUTION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SAMPLING CALORIMETERS J. del Peso Madrid, Autonoma U. E. Ros DESY DESY 88-095 QCD JETS AT HERA. 1. O (alpha-s) RADIATIVE CORRECTIONS TO MZ-TH/88-09 ELECTROWEAK CROSS-SECTIONS AND JET RATES Jurgen G. Korner, Erwin Mirkes Mainz U., Inst. Phys. Gerhard A. Schuler DESY DESY 88-096 VACUUM TUNNELING IN THE FOUR-DIMENSIONAL ISING MODEL HLRZ-Julich-88-1 K. Jansen, J. Jersak, T. Trappenberg Aachen, Tech. Hochsch. Julich, NIC I. Montvay DESY G. Munster Hamburg U. U. Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-097 GAUGE INVARIANCE AND CURRENT ALGEBRA IN TWO-DIMENSIONAL NONABELIAN CHIRAL THEORIES Dirk Graudenz Hamburg U. DESY 88-098 A FLAVOR OF HEAVY FLAVOR PHYSICS AT HERA C88-03-13 G. Ingelman DESY DESY 88-099 MONTE CARLO STUDY OF STRUCTURE FUNCTION MEASUREMENTS AT HERA C87/10/12 G. Ingelman, R. Ruckl DESY DESY 88-100 EVIDENCE FOR DIRECT PHOTONS FROM QUARKS IN ELECTRON - POSITRON ANNIHILATION TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-101 PHYSICS OF B MESONS Henning Schroder DESY DESY 88-102 PHYSICS OF TOP AND CP VIOLATION IN B DECAYS IN THE LIGHT OF THE ARGUS MEASUREMENTS A.E. Blinov Novosibirsk, IYF Valery A. Khoze DESY St. Petersburg, INP N.G. Uraltsev St. Petersburg, INP DESY 88-103 A TOPOLOGICAL MODEL FOR BARYON PRODUCTION IN JETS CERN-TH-5120/88 John R. Ellis, INSPIRE-00146525 CERN H. Kowalski DESY DESY 88-104 SENSITIVITY OF W-prime AND Z-prime SEARCHES AT HERA C87/10/12 F. Cornet Munich, Max Planck Inst. R. Ruckl DESY DESY 88-105 Experimental Investigation of the Energy Dependence of the Strong Coupling Strength JADE Collaboration DESY 88-106 NEW PHYSICS FROM PRECISION MEASUREMENTS W. Hollik Hamburg U. DESY 88-107 JET FRAGMENTATION AND QCD MODELS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT c.m. OUNP-42-88 ENERGIES BETWEEN 12-GeV AND 41.5-GeV TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-108 JET MASSES IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION SCIPP-88/22 J. del Peso FTUAM-EP-88-04 Madrid, Autonoma U. L. Labarga UC, Santa Cruz F. Barreiro DESY DESY 88-109 THE STRONG CP PROBLEM R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-110 Rare Decay B ---> K* gamma in the Standard Model C.A. Dominguez DESY N. Paver Trieste U. INFN, Trieste Riazuddin, ICTP, Trieste DESY 88-111 THE ELECTRON SPECTRUM FROM B MESON DECAYS SLAC-PUB-4691 Crystal Ball Collaboration DESY 88-112 A STUDY OF JETS FROM b QUARKS PRODUCED IN e+ e- ANNIHILATIONS AT S**(1/2) = 35-GeV TO 46-GeV. TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-113 UPPER LIMITS FOR THE DECAY OF tau LEPTONS INTO eta MESONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-114 METHODS OF BEAM OPTICS F. Willeke, G. Ripken DESY DESY 88-115 TWO PHOTON PRODUCTION OF EXCLUSIVE FINAL STATES C88-08-04 A. Levy Tel Aviv U. DESY 88-116 SEARCH FOR EXCLUSIVE RADIATIVE DECAYS OF UPSILON (1S) AND UPSILON (2S) MESONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-117 CALCULATIONS OF DOSES DUE TO ELECTRON - PHOTON STRAY RADIATION FROM A HIGH-ENERGY ELECTRON BEAM BEHIND LATERAL SHIELDING H. Dinter, J. Pang, K. Tesch DESY DESY 88-118 A HIGH ACCURACY PIPELINE TDC H. Klar, M. Schulz, P. Steffen DESY Dirk Duellmann Hamburg U. DESY 88-119 HEAVY QUARK PHYSICS AT HERA FTUAM-EP-88-05 Ahmed Ali, G. Ingelman, G.A. Schuler C87/10/12 DESY F. Barreiro, M.A. Garcia, J.F. de Troconiz Madrid, Autonoma U. R.A. Eichler Zurich, ETH Z. Kunszt Zurich, ETH DESY 88-120 INTRODUCTION TO CONFORMAL INVARIANT QUANTUM FIELD THEORY IN C87-07-16.1 TWO-DIMENSIONS AND MORE DIMENSIONS G. Mack Hamburg U. DESY 88-121 B MESON FACTORIES C88/04/25.1 H. Kolanoski Dortmund U. DESY 88-122 PREDICTIONS OF QCD FRAGMENTATION MODELS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION OXFORD-NP-43-88 UP TO s**(1/2) = 200-GeV P.N. Burrows Oxford U. DESY 88-123 COMPUTATION OF EFFECTIVE HAMILTONIANS BY MONTE CARLO SIMULATIONS WITH FIXED BLOCK SPINS Klaus Pinn Hamburg U. DESY 88-124 DILATONS IN FLAT AND CURVED SPACE-TIME ITP-UH-6-88 W. Buchmuller Hannover U. DESY N Dragon Hannover U. Karlsruhe U. DESY 88-125 THE STRUCTURE OF JETS IN e+ e- COLLISIONS PRINT-88-655 (CARLETON)Peter Mattig IPP, Canada Carleton U. DESY 88-126 THE CURRENT ALGEBRA ON THE CIRCLE AS A GERM OF LOCAL FIELD THEORIES D. Buchholz, G. Mack Hamburg U. I. Todorov DESY Sofiya, Inst. Nucl. Res. DESY 88-127 ON THE THIRD QUANTIZATION AND THE COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT V.A. Rubakov DESY Moscow, INR DESY 88-128 ELECTROWEAK PRODUCTION OF THE BARYON ASYMMETRY C88-08-04 M.E. Shaposhnikov DESY Moscow, INR DESY 88-129 THE STRUCTURE OF N=16 SUPERGRAVITY IN TWO-DIMENSIONS CERN-TH-5154/88 H. Nicolai Hamburg U. N.P. Warner CERN DESY 88-130 THE STRUCTURE OF THE FERMION MASS MATRICES FROM SYMMETRIES AND C88/05/17 HIGHER DIMENSIONS C. Wetterich DESY DESY 88-131 B MESON DECAYS TO D pi AND D rho ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-132 THE PROBLEM OF CHIRAL FERMION THEORIES ON THE LATTICE I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-133 THE HIGGS MECHANISM IN THE FRAMEWORK OF LATTICE GAUGE THEORIES Hans Gerd Evertz, Mihail Marcu Hamburg U. DESY 88-134 A VECTORIZED CODE FOR THE COMPUTATION OF THE TOPOLOGICAL CHARGE IN SU(2) LATTICE GAUGE THEORY Andreas S. Kronfeld, INSPIRE-00098702 Desy M.L. Laursen Mainz U., Inst. Phys. G. Schierholz Desy Kiel U. C. Schleiermacher Hannover U. U.J. Wiese Hamburg U. DESY 88-135 BOSONIZED DYNAMICAL FERMIONS IN (3+1)-DIMENSIONS I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-136 SHIELDING OF PROTON ACCELERATORS: A COMPARISON BETWEEN THE MOYER MODEL AND MONTE CARLO CALCULATIONS H. Dinter, K. Tesch DESY C. Yamaguchi KEK, Tsukuba DESY 88-137 CP VIOLATION IN THE B SYSTEM C88/06/10.2 David London DESY DESY 88-138 ELECTROWEAK PHYSICS IN 1988 C88-05-16 R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-139 YET MORE VERSIONS OF d = 11 SUPERGRAVITY B. Drabant, M. Tox Karlsruhe U. H. Nicolai Hamburg U. DESY 88-140 HIERARCHICAL MASS SCALES IN SUPERSYMMETRIC sigma MODELS ITP-UH-8/88 W. Buchmuller Hannover U. DESY B. Lampe Hannover U. DESY 88-141 ESTIMATES OF THE GLUON FUSION CONTRIBUTION TO THE PROTON TAUP-1680-88 STRUCTURE FUNCTION AT EXCEEDINGLY SMALL X E. Gotsman Tel Aviv U. DESY U. Maor Tel Aviv U. Illinois U., Urbana DESY 88-142 OPEN (CLOSED) PROBLEMS IN WEAK HADRONIC PROCESSES C88-04-18.2 Branko Guberina Munich U. DESY DESY 88-143 TOP SEARCH STRATEGIES FOR HERA FTUAM-EP-88-07 G. Ingelman, G.A. Schuler DESY J.F. de Troconiz Madrid, Autonoma U. DESY 88-144 Collective Monte Carlo Updating for Spin Systems Ulli Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-145 MEASUREMENT OF INCLUSIVE B MESON DECAYS INTO BARYONS ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-146 Scaling Laws and Triviality Bounds in the Lattice phi**4 Theory. 3. N Component Model M. Luscher DESY P. Weisz Munich, Max Planck Inst. DESY 88-147 PARTICLE PHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY Andrei D. Linde, INSPIRE-00101947 Lebedev Inst. DESY 88-148 CHARGED HIGGS BOSONS AND FLAVOR CHANGING Z DECAYS ITP-UH-9/88 C. Busch Hannover U. DESY 88-149 K0(s) K pi PRODUCTION IN TAGGED AND UNTAGGED gamma gamma INTERACTIONS CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-150 A MEASUREMENT OF gamma gamma ---> rho+ rho- ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-151 MAJORON MODELS AND SOLAR NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS C88/08/04 S. Bertolini DESY DESY 88-152 GAUGE INDEPENDENT METHODS FOR THRESHOLD CORRECTIONS IN GRAND ITP-UH-10/88 UNIFICATION Maximilian Kreuzer Hannover U. Wolfgang Kummer, Anton Rebhan Vienna U. DESY 88-153 FERMION ZERO ENERGY MODES IN THE BACKGROUND OF ADIABATICALLY EVOLVING SCALAR FIELDS Marcela S. Carena DESY DESY 88-154 A MEASUREMENT OF THE CHARGE ASYMMETRY OF HADRONIC EVENTS IN ELECTRON POSITRON ANNIHILATION JADE Collaboration DESY 88-155 A MEASUREMENT OF THE tau LEPTON LIFETIME JADE Collaboration DESY 88-156 SELECTED TOPICS IN LATTICE FIELD THEORY C88-06-28 M. Luscher DESY DESY 88-157 1988 CELLO, JADE AND PLUTO CONTRIBUTIONS TO 'EXOTIC' MESON C88-08-29.2 SPECTROSCOPY Michael Feindt Hamburg U. DESY 88-158 NONPERTURBATIVE ASPECTS OF THE HIGGS SECTOR IN THE STANDARD C88/06/10 ELECTROWEAK THEORY I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-159 Measurement of the Average Lifetime of B Hadrons TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-160 LINKED CLUSTER EXPANSION IN THE SU(2) LATTICE HIGGS MODEL AT STRONG GAUGE COUPLING C.E.M. Wagner, INSPIRE-00134493 DESY DESY 88-161 TRACKING IN A HIGH MULTIPLICITY ENVIRONMENT C88-08-04 J.B. Dainton Liverpool U. DESY 88-162 The Supermembrane Is Unstable THU-88-43 B. de Wit Utrecht U. M. Luscher DESY H. Nicolai Hamburg U. DESY 88-163 PROSPECTS FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF B(s)0 - anti-B(s)0 MIXING PRINT-88-0865 (DESY)P. Krawczyk, D. London, H. Steger DESY DESY 88-164 PION, KAON AND PROTON CROSS-SECTIONS IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION AT 34-GeV AND 44-GeV center-of-mass ENERGY TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-165 OBSERVED AND UNOBSERVED STATES: CRYSTAL BALL RESULTS ON TWO C88-08-29.2 PHOTON PHYSICS J.K. Bienlein DESY DESY 88-166 OBSERVATION OF SPIN 1 RESONANCE FORMATION IN THE FINAL STATE K K pi PRODUCED IN TAGGED TWO PHOTON COLLISIONS JADE Collaboration DESY 88-167 HADRON PRODUCTION IN TWO PHOTON COLLISIONS C88-08-05.3 H. Kolanoski Dortmund U. DESY 88-168 MEASUREMENT OF D0 DECAYS INTO anti-K0 omega, anti-K0 eta AND anti-K*0 eta ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-169 BROKEN PHASE OF THE FOUR-DIMENSIONAL ISING MODEL IN A FINITE HLRZ-88-09 VOLUME K. Jansen, T. Trappenberg Aachen, Tech. Hochsch. Julich, NIC I. Montvay DESY G. Munster Hamburg U. U. Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-170 BOSONIZATION AND A MODEL WITH YUKAWA COUPLING C88/08/18 I. Montvay DESY DESY 88-171 FLAVOR CHANGING Z0 DECAYS ITP-UH-11/88 W. Buchmuller Hannover U. DESY M. Gronau Technion DESY 88-172 Status of Lattice Glueball Mass Calculations HLRZ-88-11 G. Schierholz DESY Julich, Forschungszentrum DESY 88-173 Strange Baryon Production in e+ e- Annihilation OUNP-89-3 TASSO Collaboration DESY 88-174 The Decay K+ ---> pi+ x in SU(2) x U(1) x U(1)-prime Gauge Theories T.M. Aliev, M.I. Dobroliubov Moscow, INR A.Yu. Ignatiev DESY DESY 88-175 THE USE OF QUANTUM ELECTRODYNAMICS TO CALCULATE RADIATIVE C88/09/19 EFFECTS IN ELECTRON STORAGE RINGS L.N. Hand DESY Cornell U., LNS A. Skuja Maryland U. DESY 88-176 COLLECTIVE MONTE CARLO UPDATING IN A HIGH PRECISION STUDY OF THE X-Y MODEL U. Wolff Kiel U. DESY 88-177 RECENT RESULTS FROM PETRA C88-08-15 F. Ould-Saada Hamburg U. DESY 88-178 Measurement of D*+ Polarization in the Decay anti-B0 ---> D*+ L- anti-neutrino ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-179 Observation of the D*0 (2459) in e+ e- Annihilation ARGUS Collaboration DESY 88-180 RADIATIVE EFFECTS AND FLAVOR MIXING IN THE STANDARD MODEL C88-06-06.6 R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-181 WEAK DECAYS: THEORETICAL SUMMARY G. Belanger, C. Dib, C. Geng, F. Gilman, J.L. Hewett, Boris Kayser, C.S. Kim, M. Kuroda, D. London, S. Matsuda, J.N. Ng, R.D. Peccei, A.I. Sanda, T. Walsh Montreal U. SLAC TRIUMF Ames Lab Iowa State U. LBL, Berkeley Wisconsin U., Madison Meiji Gakuin U. DESY Kyoto U. Rockefeller U. Minnesota U. DESY 88-182 THE EFFECTIVE LAGRANGIAN FOR AXION EMISSION FROM SN1987A Marcela S. Carena, R.D. Peccei DESY DESY 88-183 DO KAON DECAYS CONSTRAIN THE FIFTH FORCE? T.M. Aliev, M.I. Dobroliubov Moscow, INR A.Yu. Ignatiev DESY DESY 88-184 THE GLUEBALL MASS SPECTRUM IN SU(3) LATTICE GAUGE THEORY HLRZ-88-12 G. Schierholz C88-09-22 DESY Julich, NIC DESY 88-185 MEASUREMENT OF THE REACTION gamma gamma ---> rho+ rho- WITH THE CELLO DETECTOR CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-186 FIVE JET PRODUCTION IN e+ e- ANNIHILATION N.K. Falck, D. Graudenz, G. Kramer Hamburg U. DESY 88-187 QCD DUALITY CALCULATION OF THE B PARAMETER FOR N=1 SUPERGRAVITY INDUCED LOCAL OPERATORS N. Bilic Boskovic Inst., Zagreb C.A. Dominguez Cape Town U. B. Guberina DESY Munich U. DESY 88-188 Radiative Corrections in the Standard Model and their Role for Precision Tests of the Electroweak Theory W.F.L. Hollik Hamburg U. DESY 88-189 DETERMINANTS OF LAPLACE LIKE OPERATORS ON RIEMANN SURFACES J. Bolte, F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 88-190 COMMENT ON 'BOUNDARY CONDITIONS FROM PATH INTEGRALS' C. Grosche, F. Steiner Hamburg U. DESY 88-191 ELECTRON - PROTON PHYSICS WITH 1-TeV TO 10-TeV PROTON BEAMS C88/06/10 R. Ruckl DESY DESY 88-192 AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF e+ e- ANNIHILATION INTO FOUR LEPTONS LAL-88-61 CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-193 THE K0(S) K0(S) FINAL STATE IN gamma gamma INTERACTIONS CELLO Collaboration DESY 88-194 TWO PHOTON PRODUCTION OF FINAL STATES WITH A p anti-p PAIR ARGUS Collaboration

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