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This is an alphabetical list of the standard keywords used in the HEP database.
It is also available as plain text .
Please refer also to the HEP Keyword Guide and to the hints on searching SPIRES HEP by keywords

The sorting sequence is ascii, case insensitive

There are 3 types of entries in this list :
<blank> main keyword
* descriptive keyword
- non-keyword


0 ... 9



 A(4) x Z(3)
 A(4) x Z(3) x U(1)
 a0(980) (was delta(980))
 a1(1260) (was A1(1270))
 a1(1640) (added 2010-08-10)
 a2(1320) (was A2(1320))
 a2(1700) (added 2010-08-10)
 a3(2050) (was A(2050))
 a4(2040) (was delta(2040))
 a6(2450) (was delta(2450))
 ABJM model
-acceleration of the universe (use 'expansion acceleration')
 acceptance    [accelerators and detectors]
 accumulator    [for accelerators only]
-acoplanarity (use 'planarity')
*action    [restricted use]
-active galactic nuclei (use 'AGN')
-active galactic nucleus (use 'AGN')
 activity report    [restricted use, e.g. for annual reports]
-ADC (use 'analog-to-digital converter')
 ADD model    [was ADD]
-AdS (use 'anti-de Sitter')
 AdS(2) x R(2)
 AdS(2) x S(2)
 AdS(3) x S(1)
 AdS(4) x CP(3)
 AdS(4) x S(4)
 AdS(5) x S(5)
 AdS(6) x S(4)
 AdS/CFT correspondence (since dec 08)
-AdS/CFT (use 'AdS/CFT correspondence')
-aether (use 'ether')
 Affleck-Dine model    [was Affleck-Dine]
 AFS (added 2010-05-04)   [VERTEX DETECTOR AT THE CERN ISR]
 AGASA    [111 detectors on the ground (surface detectors) and 27 detectors under absorbers (muon detectors) to study origin of extremely high energy cosmic rays]
 agegraphic (added 2010-05-05)
-AGS (use 'Brookhaven PS')
 Aharonov-Bohm effect    [was Aharonov-Bohm]
 Aharonov-Casher effect    [was Aharonov-Casher]
 ALADIN    [Nuclear Fragmentation]
 ALEPH    [magnetic detector at LEP]
 algebraic geometry (since Jan 10)
 ALICE    [magnetic detector at LHC]    [not for accelerator at Daresbury]
-alpha particle (use 'helium')
-ALS (use 'Saclay ALS')
-Altarelli-Parisi equation (use DGLAP equation)
-aluminium (use 'aluminum')
 AMANDA    [deep underground detector in the Antarctic]
 amplitude analysis
-AmPS (use 'Amsterdam AmPS Stor')
 AMS (since dec 08)   [antimatter]
 Amsterdam AmPS Stor
 Amsterdam MEA
 AMY    [magnetic detector at TRISTAN]
*analog    [electronics]
 analog-to-digital converter
*analysis    [only for mathematics; for other fields see: amplitude analysis - partial wave analysis - data analysis method - event shape analysis - statistical analysis - track data analysis]
 analytic properties
-analyticity (use 'analytic properties')
 analyzing power
 anapole    [moment, anapole]
 angular correlation
 angular dependence
 angular distribution
 angular momentum
 angular resolution
 ANKE    [Medium Energy Hadrons]
 anomalon (was 'postulated particle' and 'total cross section, anomaly')
 anomalous dimension
-Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (use 'ANITA')
 anthropic principle    [was anthropic]
-anti-beauty (use 'anti-bottom')
 anti-bottom (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, bottom')
 anti-charm (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, charm')
 anti-de Sitter
 anti-down (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, down')
 anti-K nucleon
 anti-K0 deuteron (added 2010-03-02)
 anti-n deuteron
 anti-n nucleus
 anti-p deuteron
 anti-p n
 anti-p nucleon
 anti-p nucleus
 anti-p p
 anti-strangeness (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, strangeness')
 anti-top (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, top')
-anti-truth (use 'anti-top')
 anti-up (added 2010-09-22) (was was 'antiquark, up')
 antidecuplet (added 2010-05-05)
-antigravity (use 'antigravitation')
-Antilambda/b (use 'Antilambda/b0')
-Antilambda/c (use 'Antilambda/c+')
 Antilambda/c+    [negative charge]
 antineutrino baryon
 antineutrino deuteron
 antineutrino electron
 antineutrino meson
 antineutrino muon (added 2010-03-02)
 antineutrino n
 antineutrino nucleon
 antineutrino nucleus
 antineutrino p
 antineutrino quark
 antineutrino/L    [heavy lepton antineutrino]
-antineutron (use 'anti-n')
 antinucleon nucleus
 Antiomega-    [positive charge]
-antiproton (use 'anti-p')
 Antisigma+    [negative charge]
 Antisigma-    [positive charge]
 Antixi-    [positive charge]
 applied physics
 Argonne Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at ANL]
 ARGUS    [magnetic detector at DORIS]
 artificial intelligence
-ASIC (use 'integrated circuit')
 ASP (added 2010-05-04)
 associated production
 asymptotic behavior
-asymptotic behaviour (use 'asymptotic behavior')
 asymptotic expansion
 asymptotic freedom    [for low energies use 'infrared problem']
 asymptotic safety
 at rest    [in energy category '0 GeV, ((1))' is added]
 ATIC (added 2010-05-05)   [Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter, balloon-borne instrument to measure cosmic rays]
 ATLAS    [magnetic detector at LHC]
-atomic number (use 'mass number')
 atomic physics
 ATRAP    [Antihydrogen]
 attenuation (since Dec 07)
 Auger (since Apr 08)
 axial gauge
 axial-vector meson
 axiomatic field theory
-azimuthal correlation (use 'angular correlation')
-azimuthal dependence (use 'angular dependence')
-azimuthal distribution (use 'angular distribution')


 B anti-B
-B meson (use 'B')
 B+L number
 B-factory (since 2008, was 'B, particle source')   [about 10.5 GeV-cms e+e-]
 B-L number
-B-L symmetry (use 'B-L number')
-b-quark (use 'bottom')
-B/d (use 'B')
 B/s anti-B/s
 B/s0 anti-B/s0
 B/s2*(5840) (added 2010-08-10)
 B/sJ*(5850) (added 2010-08-10)
 B0 anti-B0
 b1(1235) (was B(1235))
 B1(5721) (added 2010-08-10)
 BaBar    [magnetic detector at PEP]
 back reaction
 background field
-Backlund transformation (use 'Baecklund transformation')
 Baecklund transformation
 bag model
 Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson model
 Balitsky-Kovchegov equation
-Balitsky-Kovchegov (use 'Balitsky-Kovchegov equation')
-Banados-Teitelboim-Zanelli (use 'BTZ')
-BAO (use 'baryon acoustic oscillation')
-Barbero-Immirzi parameter (use 'Immirzi parameter')
 Barrett-Crane model
 baryon acoustic oscillation    [bypass ckw problem]
 baryon antibaryon
 baryon baryon
 baryon number
 baryon resonance    [not used for heavy quark baryons]
-baryonic resonance (use 'baryon resonance')
 Batavia TEVATRON Coll    [2000 GeV-cms protons]
 Batavia TEVATRON PS    [1000 GeV protons]
-Bates Linac (use 'MIT Linac')
 Baxter equation (since Jan 10)
-bbar (use 'anti-bottom')
-beam chopper (use 'bunching')
 beam cooling    [for proton beams; for electron beams use 'beam damping']
 beam damping    [for electron beams; for proton beams use 'beam cooling']
-beam diagnostics (use 'beam monitoring')
 beam dump
 beam dynamics
 beam emittance
-beam filling (use 'beam loading')
 beam focusing
 beam instability
-beam line (use 'beam transport')
 beam loading    [not used for 'injection']
 beam loss
 beam monitoring
 beam optics
 beam oscillation    [For longitudinal beam oscillation use 'synchrotron oscillation'; for transverse beam oscillation use 'betatron oscillation'.]
 beam position
 beam profile
-beam shape (use 'beam profile')
-beam steering (use 'beam position')
 beam transport
 beam tune (since Jul 2008)
 Beijing Stor
 Bell inequality
 BELLE    [magnetic detector at TRISTAN]
-Belle (use 'BELLE')
 bending magnet
 bent crystal
-BEPC (use 'Beijing Stor')
 Berkeley Bevalac    [2 GeV/A ions]
 Berkeley ES    [ALS, 1-2 GeV electrons, synchrotron radiation]
 Berkeley Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at Berkeley]
 Berlin BESSY Stor
 Berry phase
 Bertotti-Robinson (added 2010-05-05)
 BES    [magnetic spectrometer at Beijing Stor]
-BES-II (use 'BES')
-BES-III (use 'BES')
-BESII (use 'BES')
-BESIII (use 'BES')
-BESSY (use 'Berlin BESSY Stor')
 beta beam    [electron neutrino beams produced by beta decay of radioactive ions]
-beta decay (use 'semileptonic decay')
 beta function
 betatron oscillation
 Bethe ansatz
 Bethe-Salpeter equation
-Bevalac (use 'Berkeley Bevalac')
-beyond the Standard Model (use 'new physics')
 BF model
-BF theory (use 'BF model')
 BFKL equation
-BFKL (use 'BFKL equation')
 Bianchi identity
 big bang
 big rip
 billiard (added 2010-05-05)   [2mal]
 binding energy
 Birkhoff theorem (added 2010-05-05)
 black body (added 2010-05-05)
 black brane
 black hole
 black ring
 black string
 BLAST    [Electron-hadron scattering]
 blast wave
-BLG model (use 'Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson model')
 block spin transformation
-BNL (use 'Brookhaven Lab')
 Bogolyubov transformation
-Bogomolny-Prasad-Sommerfield (use 'BPS')
 Bogomolnyi equation
 Bohmian (since Oct 08)
 Boltzmann equation
 Bonn ELSA Stor
-BONN-ELSA-CRYSTAL-BARREL (use 'Crystal Barrel')
 BooNE    [mu_nu --> mu_e escillations]
-Borel resummation (use 'Borel transformation')
-Borel summation (use 'Borel transformation')
 Borel transformation
 Born approximation
 Born-Infeld model
 Born-Oppenheimer approximation
*boson    [was bosonic]
 boson boson
 bottom baryon (was was 'beautiful baryon' till Apr 09)
 bottom meson (was was 'beautiful meson' till Apr 09)
 bottom particle (was was 'beautiful particle' till Apr 09)
 bottomonium (was was 'quarkonium, beauty') (since Apr 09)
 bound state
 boundary condition
 braid group
-branching fraction (use 'branching ratio')
 branching ratio
-brane (use 'membrane model')
-braneworld (use 'membrane model')
 Brans-Dicke model    [was BD model]    [was Brans-Dicke]
*Brauer (added 2010-06-16)
 Breit frame
 brick wall model
-brilliance (use 'brightness')
-broken symmetry (use 'symmetry breaking')
 Brookhaven ES    [0.75, 2.5 GeV electrons, synchrotron radiation]
 Brookhaven Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at BNL]
 Brookhaven PS    [33 GeV protons]
 Brookhaven RHIC Coll    [100 GeV/A ions]
 Brownian motion
-BRS (use 'Becchi-Rouet-Stora')
-BRST (use 'Becchi-Rouet-Stora')
-BSE (use 'Bethe-Salpeter equation')
 BTeV    [b-flavored hadrons]
 bubble chamber
 buildings    [do not use for 'model building']
 Burgers equation (added 2010-05-05)


-C-parity (use 'charge conjugation')
 Cabibbo angle
 Cabibbo model
-Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix (use 'CKM matrix')
*calculated (added 2010-05-05)   [only to indicate prediction of a quantity]
 Calogero model
 Calogero-Moser model
-Calogero-Moser (use 'Calogero-Moser model')
 Calogero-Sutherland model
-Calogero-Sutherland (use 'Calogero-Sutherland model')
 CAMAC system
*canonical    [restricted use]
 capture    [trapping added 2010-06-16]
-CAR (use 'commutation relations')
-cascade baryon (use 'Xi')
 cascade decay
 catastrophe theory
-catastrophe (use 'catastrophe theory')
-Cauchy problem (use 'boundary condition')
 causal set    [partially ordered set (poset) consisting of points and relations between them which encode causal ordering]
 causality    [was causal]
-cbar (use 'anti-charm')
 CCD    [charge-coupled device]
 CCFM equation    [was CCFM]
-CCR (use 'commutation relations')
 CDF    [magnetic detector at TEVATRON Coll]
-CDM (use 'dark matter')
 CDMS (added 2010-05-05)
-CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (use 'CLAS')
-CEBAF (use 'Newport News CEBAF Linac')
 CELLO    [magnetic detector at PETRA]
 cellular automaton
-CELSIUS (use 'Uppsala CELSIUS Stor')
 central charge
 central charge dependence
-central collision (use 'impact parameter')
 central region    [for scattering]
 CERES    [e+ e- pairs in heavy ion collision]
 CERN Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at CERN]
 CERN LEAR    [low energy antiprotons]
 CERN LEP Stor    [up to 210 GeV-cms e+e-]
 CERN LHC Coll    [16000 GeV-cms protons]
 CERN SPS    [450 GeV protons, 200 AGeV ions]
 CERN SPS Coll    [900 GeV-cms anti-p p]
-CERN (use 'CERN Lab')
-CERN-LHeC (use 'LHeC')
-CERN-NA-045 (use 'CERES')
-CERN-NA-058 (use 'COMPASS')
-CERN-PS-195 (use 'CPLEAR')
-CERN-PS-212 (use 'DIRAC')
-CERN-PS-214 (use 'HARP')
-CERN-WA-095 (use 'CHORUS')
-CESR (use 'Cornell CESR Stor')
-CFL (use 'color flavor locked phase')
 CGHS model (added 2010-05-05)
 Chan-Paton factor (added 2010-07-30)
 channel cross section    [for exclusive reactions]
-chaotic (use 'chaos')
*character    [group theory]
 charge conjugation
 charge correlation
 charge dependence
 charge distribution    [for beams, jets and nuclei; for particles use 'form factor, electric']
 charge exchange
 charged current
 charged particle
 charmed baryon
 charmed meson
 charmed particle    [for hidden charm use 'charmonium' or e.g. 'psi mesons']
 Cherenkov counter
-Cherenkov detector (use 'Cherenkov counter')
-Cherenkov telescope (use 'Cherenkov counter')
-Chern-Simons formulation (use 'Chern-Simons term')
 Chern-Simons number
 Chern-Simons term
 chi mesons    [for chi/c and chi/b]
 chi/b0(10235) (was chi/b(10235))
 chi/b0(9860) (was chi/b(9875))
 chi/b1(10255) (was chi/b(10255))
 chi/b1(9890) (was chi/b(9895))
 chi/b2(10270) (was chi/b(10270))
 chi/b2(9915) (was chi/b(9915))
 chi/c0(3415) (was chi(3415))
 chi/c1(3510) (was chi(3510))
 chi/c2(3555) (was chi(3555))
 chi/c2(3930) (added 2010-08-10)
 chi/d (added 2010-08-10)
 chi/s (added 2010-08-10)
 chiral quark soliton model
 chiral ring (added 2010-05-05)
 CHORUS    [Neutrino oscillation search]
 Chou-Yang model
 chromoelectric (since Jan 10)
-CKM angle (use 'CKM matrix')
 CKM matrix (was was 'Kobayashi-Maskawa angle')
-clan (use 'cluster')
 CLAS    [magnetic spectrometer at CEBAF]
*classical    [restricted use]
 Clebsch-Gordan coefficients
 CLEO    [magnetic detector at CESR]
-CLEO-II (use 'CLEO' instead)
-clock (use 'time')
*closed    [field theory]
 closure approximation
 clover (added 2010-05-05)
-CMB (use 'cosmic background radiation')
 CMD    [at Novosibirsk]
 CMD-2    [e+ e- --> hadrons]
-CMOS (use 'semiconductor detector')
 CMS    [magnetic detector at LHC]
 coherent interaction
-coherent scattering (use 'coherent interaction')
 coherent state
 collective phenomena
-colliding beam detector (use more specific term if possible)
 colliding beams    [for accelerator use 'storage ring' or 'linear collider']
 Collins (since Jan 10)
 color flavor locked phase
 color glass condensate    [was CGC]
 color spin locked phase
 colored particle
-combinatorics (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 commutation relations
-commutator (use 'commutation relations')
 compacton    [soliton with compact support]
 COMPASS    [Hadron structure using muons]
*complex    [used only in the mathematical sense]
-Compton process (use 'Compton scattering')
 Compton scattering
 condensed matter
 conductivity (added 2010-05-05)
*conference proceedings
*conference summary
 confidence limit    [restricted use]
 confinement    [was confining]
 conformal    [was superconformal]
 conformal gauge
 conservation law    [was conservation]
-conserved vector current (use 'CVC model')
*constant    [for fields constant in space and time]
-constant of motion (use 'conservation law')
 constituent    [constituent quark]
 constituent interchange
*constraint    [was constrained]    [for field theory]
 constructive    [field theory]
 contact interaction
 continuum limit
 control system
-coplanar (use 'planar')
-coplanarity (use 'planarity')
 Cornell CESR Stor    [16 GeV-cms e+e-]
 Cornell Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at Cornell]
 correlation function
-correlator (use 'correlation function')
 coset space
-coset (use 'coset space')
-cosmic acceleration (use 'expansion acceleration')
 cosmic background radiation
 cosmic censorship
 cosmic coincidence (added 2010-05-05)
-cosmic microwave background (use 'cosmic background radiation')
 cosmic radiation
-cosmic ray (use 'cosmic radiation')
 cosmic string
 cosmological constant (was astrophysics, fundamental constant)   [energy of empty space]
 cosmological model (was till Jul 08 'astrophysics, model')
-cosmological term (use 'cosmological constant')
-cosmologies (use 'cosmological model')
 cosmon (added 2010-06-25)
-COSY (use 'Juelich COSY PS')
 COSY-11    [Medium Energy Hadrons]
 COSY-TOF    [Medium Energy Hadrons]
 Coulomb gauge
-counters and detectors (obsolete use 'detector')
 coupled channel
*coupling    [was coupled]    [restricted use]
 coupling constant
-coupling strength (use 'coupling constant')
 Coxeter (added 2010-09-01)
 CP(N)    [was CP^N]
 CP(N) model
 CPLEAR    [Detector for CP, CPT symmetry studies at CERN SPS]
 CREAM (since Mar 2010)   [high energy cosmic rays (10^11 - 10^15 eV)]
-creation (use 'production')
 CRESST    [WIMP detector]
-critical exponent (use 'critical phenomena')
 critical phenomena
-critical point (use 'critical phenomena')
 Cronin effect (added 2010-06-17)
*cross section
-cryostat (use 'cryogenics')
 Crystal Ball    [four-pi-detector at DORIS]
 Crystal Barrel
-CSL (use 'color spin locked phase')
 cumulant expansion
 cumulative production
 current algebra
-curved space (use 'space-time')
 CUSB    [four-pi-detector at CESR]
 cusp effect (since Jan 10)   [cusp in pi pi mass spectrum]
 custodial (since Jan 10)
 CVC model


 D anti-D
 D*(2010)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 D*(2010)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 D*(2640) (added 2010-08-10)
 D*0(2400) (added 2010-08-10)
 D*0(2400)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 D*0(2400)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 D*2(2460)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 D*2(2460)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 D*2(2460)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 D*2(2460)0 (added 2010-08-10)
-d-dimensional (use 'any-dimensional')
-D-instanton (use 'instanton')
 D-particle    [not for D-mesons]
-d-quark (use 'down')
*D/s (was F)
 D/s*(2110) (was F*(2140))
 D/s+ (was F+)
 D/s- (was F-)
 D/s0*(2317) (was D/sJ*(2317))
 D/s1(2460) (was (2463), D/sJ*(2460)) (added 2010-08-10)
 D/s1(2536)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 D/s1(2536)- (added 2010-08-10)
 D/s1(2700) (added 2010-08-10)
 D/s1(2700)+ (added 2010-08-10)
*D0    [meson; for the detector use 'DZERO']
 D0 anti-D0
 D1(2420) (was D/J(2420), D*(2420))
 D1(2420)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 D1(2430)0 (added 2010-08-10)
-DAFNE (use 'Frascati Stor')
 Dalitz plot
 DAMA (since Mar 09)
-DAPHNE (use 'Frascati Stor')
-DAQ (use 'data acquisition')
 Darboux transformation
 Daresbury ES
 dark energy
 dark matter (was astrophysics, missing-mass)
 Darmstadt ESR
 Darmstadt GSI FAIR
 Darmstadt Lab
 Darmstadt SIS
 data acquisition    [electronics, software trigger]
 data analysis method    [off-line]
 data compilation    [for printed data summaries, manuals on contents of data bases, etc.]
 data management    [used for data bases, file and memory management, data access and storage methods]
 data preservation
-database (use 'data management')
-dbar (use 'anti-down')
-DBI (use 'Born-Infeld model')
 de Sitter
-DE (use 'dark energy')
-dE/dx (use 'energy loss')
 DEAP-3600    [1000kg liquid argon WIMP detector]
 DEAR    [at DAFNE]
 decay constant
 decay modes
 decay rate    [for large decay rates use 'width']
 decoherence    [process that causes quantum particles to lose their distinctively quantum behavior]
-decoherent histories (added 2010-07-27) (rejected)
 deep inelastic scattering
 deep underground detector
 deeply virtual Compton scattering
-deformed special relativity (use 'doubly special relativity')
-deformed (use 'deformation')
 del Pezzo
 Delaunay triangulation (added 2010-05-05)
-delay line (use 'time delay')
-delay time (use 'time delay')
 DELCO (added 2010-05-04)
 DELPHI    [magnetic detector at LEP]
 delta expansion
 Delta(1232)    [partial wave P33]
 Delta(1600)    [partial wave P33]
 Delta(1620)    [partial wave S31]
 Delta(1700)    [partial wave D33]
 Delta(1750)    [partial wave P31]
 Delta(1900)    [partial wave S31]
 Delta(1905)    [partial wave F35]
 Delta(1910)    [partial wave P31]
 Delta(1920)    [partial wave P33]
 Delta(1930)    [partial wave D35]
 Delta(1940)    [partial wave D33]
 Delta(1950)    [partial wave F37]
 Delta(2000)    [partial wave F35]
 Delta(2150)    [partial wave S31]
 Delta(2200)    [partial wave G37]
 Delta(2300)    [partial wave H39]
 Delta(2350)    [partial wave D35]
 Delta(2390)    [partial wave F37]
 Delta(2400)    [partial wave G39]
 Delta(2420)    [partial wave H311]
-Delta+ (use 'Delta(1232)+')
-Delta++ (use 'Delta(1232)++')
-Delta- (use 'Delta(1232)-')
 density dependence
 density matrix
-DEPFET (use 'semiconductor detector')
*design    [basic design only]
 DESY Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at DESY]
*detector (was was 'counters and detectors')   [use more specific term if possible]
 deuteron deuteron
 deuteron nucleus
 DGLAP equation (was was 'Altarelli-Parisi equation')
-DGLAP (use 'DGLAP equation')
-DGP model (use 'Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati model')
-di hadron (use 'hadron hadron')
-di meson (use 'meson meson')
 differential cross section
 differential equations
 differential forms
 differential geometry
-dilatation (use 'dilation')
 dilute gas approximation
*dimension    [usually coupled with the number of dimensions]
 dimensional reduction
 dipole    [for dipole magnet use 'bending magnet']
-dipole magnet (use 'bending magnet')
 DIRAC    [pi+ pi- atom lifetime]
 Dirac equation
 Dirac-Kaehler equation
 DIRC (added 2010-05-05)
-DIRC (use 'Cherenkov counter')
 direct detection (added 2010-05-05)
 direct production
-DIS (use 'deep inelastic scattering')
 discrete light cone quantization
 dispersion relation
-dissertation (use 'thesis')
 distorted wave Born approximation
 distorted wave impulse approximation
 distribution amplitude (added 2010-05-05)
 distribution function
-DLCQ (use 'discrete light cone quantization')
-DM (use 'dark matter')
 DM2 (added 2010-05-04)
 domain wall
 Donaldson theory
 DONUT    [Tau production from nu_tau + N --> tau + X]
-DOOCS (use 'control system')
 Doppler effect
-DORIS (use 'DESY DORIS Stor')
 Dortmund DELTA Stor
 Double Chooz    [reactor-based neutrino oscillation experiment, France]
 double-beta decay (was before 1994 see 'nucleus, semileptonic decay')   [For neutrinoless mode use 'double-beta decay, (0neutrino)']
 doubling (since 2008)
-doubly charged (use 'charged particle')
 doubly special relativity    [special relativity with a second limit in addition to the speed of light]
 drag force (since Jan 10)
 Drell-Yan process
 drift chamber
-drift detector (use 'drift chamber')
 drift tube
 drift velocity
-DSB (use 'dynamical symmetry breaking')
 dual resonance model
 Dubna Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at JINR]
 Dubna Nuclotron    [8 GeV/A ion collider]
 Dubna PS    [10 GeV protons, 6 GeV/A ions]
 Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau equation
 DUSEL (added 2010-06-16)   [Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab]
*dust (added 2010-06-16)
 Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati model
-Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati (use 'Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati model')
-DVCS (use 'deeply virtual Compton scattering')
-DWBA (use 'distorted wave Born approximation')
 dynamical symmetry breaking    [was dynamically broken]    [was dynamical breaking]
 dynamical system
 dyon    [was dyonic]
 Dyson-Schwinger equation
 DZERO    [four-pi-detector at TEVATRON Coll]


-e p (use 'electron p')
 E(8) x E(8)
 e* (since Jan 10)
-e+ e- (use 'electron positron')
-e+ (use 'positron')
-e- p (use 'electron p')
-e- (use 'electron')
 E787 (since Mar 2010)   [E787 is a rare kaon decay experiment at the AGS. ]
 EDDA    [study p + p excitation functions at Cooler Synchrotron COSY]
 EDELWEISS    [dark matter detector]
-EDM (use 'electric moment')
*effect    [restricted use]
 effective action
 effective field theory
 effective gauge boson approximation
 effective Hamiltonian
 effective Lagrangian
 effective potential
 effective range
 efficiency    [instrumentation]
-EFT (use 'effective field theory')
-EGEE (use 'Grid computing')
 Eguchi-Kawai model
 EHS    [four-pi-detector at SPS]
-eight (use '8')
 Einstein (added 2010-05-05)
 Einstein equation
 Einstein Telescope (since Jan 10)
-Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet (use 'Gauss-Bonnet term')
 Einstein-Gordon (added 2010-05-05)
 Einstein-Maxwell equation    [was Einstein-Maxwell]
 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox
 Einstein-Yang-Mills theory
-Einstein-Yang-Mills (use 'Einstein-Yang-Mills theory')
 Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs theory
 elastic scattering
-electric dipole moment (use 'electric moment')
 electric field
 electric moment
 electrical engineering
-electrodynamics (use 'electromagnetic field')
 electrofission    [fission induced by electrons or muons]
 electromagnetic component
 electromagnetic decay
 electromagnetic field
 electromagnetic interaction
 electron    [also used when charge is irrelevant]
 electron cooling
 electron deuteron
 electron electron    [also used when charge is irrelevant]
 electron hadron
-electron ion (use 'electron nucleus')
 electron meson
 electron muon
 electron muon+
 electron muon-
 electron n
-electron neutron (use 'electron n')
 electron nucleon
 electron nucleus
 electron number
 electron p
 electron pi
 electron positron
-electron proton (use 'electron p')
 electron quark
 electron synchrotron
 electroproduction    [for particle production by electrons]
 electroweak interaction
-electroweak (use 'electroweak interaction')
-ELETTRA (use 'Trieste ES')
-eleven (use '11')
-ELKO (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 elliptic flow
-ELSA (use 'Bonn ELSA Stor')
-emission rate (use 'flux')
-emulsion chamber (use 'nuclear emulsion')
 energy dependence
 energy eigenstate
 energy flow
 energy levels
 energy loss
 energy recovery
 energy resolution
-energy scale (use 'scale')
 energy spectrum
 entanglement    [Properties of a system of particles can't be explained as properties of the individual particles]
 entropy    [measure of the number of possible ways molecules in a substance can be arranged for a given amount of energy]
-EOS (use 'equation of state')
-EPR (use 'Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox')
 EPRL model (since Jan 10)
 epsilon expansion
 equation of state
*equilibrium (since Jan 10)
 equivalence principle    [acceleration produces an artificial gravity and, conversely, gravity is indistinguishable from acceleration]
 equivalence theorem
 equivalent gauge boson
 equivalent photon approximation
 Erevan ES
-ERGE (use 'renormalization group')
 eRHIC    [high luminosity polarized Electron Ion Collider]
 Ernst equation (added 2010-05-05)
-ESR (use 'Darmstadt ESR')
-ESRF (use 'Grenoble ESRF')
 eta nucleon
-eta' (use 'eta(958)')
 eta(1405) (added 2010-08-10)
 eta(1440) (was iota(1440))
 eta(1475) (added 2010-08-10)
-eta/c(1S) (use 'eta/c(2980)')
-eta/c(2S) (use 'eta/c(3590)')
 eta2(1645) (added 2010-08-10)
-ETC (use 'technicolor')
-event generator (use 'Monte Carlo')
 event shape analysis
 evolution equation (since Jan 10)
-excited electron (use 'e*')
 excited nucleus
 excited state    [was excitation]
 exciton (added 2010-09-06)
 exclusive production
 exclusive reaction
 expansion 1/d
 expansion 1/N
 expansion 1/N color    [bypass ckw problem]
 expansion acceleration    [bypass ckw problem]
 experimental equipment
 experimental methods
-experimental results (use '..., measured' instead)
 extended particle
 external field
-extra neutral gauge boson (use 'Z'')
-extremely high energy (use 'UHE')
-EYM (use 'Einstein-Yang-Mills theory')
-EYMH (use 'Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs theory')


 F-term (since Jan 10)
 f0(1710) (was f2(1720), Theta(1690))
 f0(1750) (was S(1730), see also 'X(1740)')
 f0(2020) (added 2010-08-10)
 f0(2100) (added 2010-08-10)
 f0(2200) (added 2010-08-10)
 f0(2330) (added 2010-08-10)
 f0(600) (was swapped Apr 09)
 f0(980) (was S*(975), later f0(975))
 f1(1285) (was D(1285))
 f1(1420) (was E(1420))
 f1(1510) (was D(1530))
 f2(1270) (was f(1270))
 f2(1565) (added 2010-08-10)
 f2(1810) (was f(1815))
 f2(1910) (added 2010-08-10)
 f2(1950) (added 2010-08-10)
 f2(2010) (was g/t(2010...2160))
 f2(2150) (was epsilon(2150))
 f2(2175) (was PDG: f2(2150)?)
 f2(2300) (was g/t(2240))
 f2(2340) (was g/t(2340))
 f4(2050) (was h(2030))
 f4(2300) (was epsilon(2300))
 f6(2510) (was r(2510))
-factory (use 'particle source')
-FADC (use 'analog-to-digital converter')
-FAIR facility (use 'Darmstadt GSI FAIR')
 false vacuum
 family    [for quark/lepton families, e.g. 'family, 4']    [generation]
 far detector
 fast logic
 FASTBUS system
 feedback    [used only in connection with accelerators]
-FEL (use 'free electron laser')
 FENICE    [colliding beam detector at DAFNE, non-magnetic]
-Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (use 'GLAST')
 Fermi gas
-Fermi LAT (use 'GLAST')
 Fermi liquid
-Fermi-LAT (use 'GLAST')
*Fermilab    [for unspecified accelerators at FNAL; see also 'Batavia ...']
*fermion    [was fermionic]
 fermion antifermion
 fermion boson
 fermion fermion
 fermion magnetic monopole
 fermion nucleus
 fermion number
 fermion parastatistics    [bypass ckw problem]
 few-body problem
-Feynman diagram (use 'Feynman graph')
 Feynman gauge
 Feynman graph
-Feynman integral (use 'Feynman graph')
-Feynman path (use 'path integral')
-Feynman rule (use 'Feynman graph')
 FFAG (since Dec 07)
-fiber bundle (use 'fibre bundle')
-fiber (use 'fibre')
 fibre bundle
 field equations
-Field Programmable Gate Array (use 'FPGA')
 field strength    [only for field theory]
 field theoretical model
*field theory
 Fierz identity (since Jan 10)
 fifth force
-fifth (use '5')
 final focus
*final state
 final-state interaction
 fine structure
 FINeSSE    [FIne-grained Neutrino Scattering Scintillator Experiment]
 finite element
 finite energy
 finite size
 finite temperature
-finite volume (use 'finite size')
 FINUDA    [magnetic spectrometer at DAFNE]
-five (use '5')
-Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (use 'FFAG')
 fixed point
 fJ(2220) (was X(2220), xi(2220), f4(2220)) (added 2010-08-10)
 flat direction
 flavon (added 2010-06-16)   [scalar field with non vanishing VEV to reproduce fermion masses and mixings]
 flavor changing
-flipped SU(5) (use 'SU(5) x U(1)')
-FLRW (use 'Robertson-Walker')
 flucton (added 2010-06-25)
 fluid    [only used for 'fluid: model'; otherwise use 'liquid']
 FLUKA (added 2010-05-05)
 flux tube
-FNAL-E-0815 (use 'NuTeV')
-FNAL-E-0823 (use 'DZERO')
-FNAL-E-0830 (use 'CDF')
-FNAL-E-0831 (use 'FOCUS')
-FNAL-E-0872 (use 'DONUT')
-FNAL-E-0898 (use 'BooNE')
-FNAL-E-0918 (use 'BTeV')
 FNAL-E-0921    [Charged Kaons at the Main-Injector, also known as CKM]
-FNAL-E-0937 (use 'FINeSSE')
 Fock space
 FOCUS    [Heavy quark states]
 Fokker-Planck equation
 Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation
 foliation (added 2010-05-05)
 FOPI    [Heavy ion collisions]
 form factor    [no specifier is used for electromagnetic form factor, otherwise 'form factor, electric' or 'form factor, magnetic']
-forward detector (use 'forward spectrometer')
 forward scattering    [used only for zero-degree scattering, otherwise use 'small-angle']
 forward spectrometer
-four (use '4')
 four-fermion interaction
 Fourier transformation
-fourth (use '4')
 fractal (was fractals till jul 08)   [irregular structure with the same structure repeating on ever finer scales]
 fragmentation    [for nuclei use 'fission']
 fragmentation function
 Frascati Stor
 free electron laser
 free energy
-free field (added 2010-09-03) (rejected)
-free path (use 'path length')
 Friedberg-Lee (added 2010-06-16)
 Friedman model
-Friedmann equation (use 'Friedman model')
 Frobenius (added 2010-05-05)
 Froissart bound
-FRW (use 'Robertson-Walker')
-FSI (use 'final-state interaction')
-function of time (use 'time dependence')
 functional analysis
 fundamental constant


 G parity
 G0 Experiment
-gain (use 'yield')
 galaxy    [was galactic]
-Galilean (use 'Galilei')
-gamma gamma (use 'photon photon')
 gamma ray    [energy > 100 keV]
-Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (use 'GLAST')
-gamma-ray (use 'gamma ray')
 GAMS    [calorimeter at Serpukhov and CERN]
 gap equation (added 2010-05-05)
 gas electron multiplier
-gaseous detector (use 'ionization chamber')
 gauge boson
 gauge dependence
 gauge field theory    [was gauge field]
 gauge field theory Yang-Mills    [bypass ckw problem]
 gauge fixing
-gauge theory (use 'gauge field theory')
 Gauss law
 Gauss model
-Gauss-Bonnet model (use 'Gauss-Bonnet term')
 Gauss-Bonnet term
-GDH (use 'Drell-Hearn-Gerasimov')
 Gell-Mann-Oakes-Renner (added 2010-05-05)
-GEM (use 'gas electron multiplier')
 general relativity
 generalized parton distribution
 generalized uncertainty principle
 geometrodynamics (added 2010-05-05)
 geon    [gravitational-electromagnetic entity]
 Georgi-Glashow model
 Gepner model
-Germanium detector array (use 'GERDA')
-GigaZ (use 'Z0-factory')
-GIM (use 'Glashow-Iliopoulos-Maiani model')
 Ginsparg-Wilson relation    [was Ginsparg-Wilson]
-Ginzburg-Landau model (use 'Landau-Ginzburg model')
-Ginzburg-Landau theory (use 'Landau-Ginzburg model')
-GLAP (use 'DGLAP equation')
 Glashow-Iliopoulos-Maiani model
 glasma    [strongly interacting, non-equilibrium state formed by colliding sheets of colored glass]
-gluelump (use 'multigluon')
 gluon gluon
 GNO    [obsolete]
-Goldstone boson (use 'Goldstone particle')
 Goldstone particle    [was PNGB]
 Goldstone theorem
 Gott (added 2010-06-16)
-GPD (use 'generalized parton distribution')
 Gran Sasso
 grand unified theory    [theory describing electromagnetism, weak and strong force as aspects of a single force]
-granule (use 'droplet')
 graph theory
 graviscalar (added 2010-06-25)
 gravitational radiation
 gravitational radiation detector
-gravitational vacuum star (use 'gravastar')
-gravitational wave detector (use 'gravitational radiation detector')
-gravitational wave (use 'gravitational radiation')
-gravity wave (use 'gravitational radiation')
-GRD (use 'gravitational radiation detector')
 Grenoble ESRF
-Gribov ambiguity (use 'Gribov problem')
 Gribov problem
 Gribov-Levin-Ryskin equation (added 2010-05-04)
 Grid computing
-Grid (use 'Grid computing')
 Gromov-Witten theory
 Gross-Neveu model
 Grosse-Wulkenhaar model
 ground state
 group theory
-GRT (use 'general relativity')
-GUT (use 'grand unified theory')
-gyraton (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
-gyromagnetic ratio (use 'magnetic moment')
 GZK effect
-GZK (use 'GZK effect')


 H baryon    [di-Lambda]
-H-particle (use 'H baryon')
-H.E.S.S. (use 'HESS')
 h/c(3526)    [c anti-c]
*H1    [magnetic detector at HERA]
 h1(1170) (was H(1190))
 h1(1595) (added 2010-08-10)
 Hadamard state (added 2010-05-05)
 hadron deuteron
 hadron hadron
 hadron nucleon
 hadron nucleus
 hadron spectroscopy
-hadron spectrum (use 'hadron spectroscopy')
-hadron therapy (use 'nuclear medicine')
 hadron- (added 2010-03-02)
 hadronic atom
 hadronic component
 hadronic decay
-hadronic (use 'hadron')
 hadroproduction    [for particle produced in hadron interactions]
 hair    [no-hair theorem: a black hole is characerized fully by its mass, spin and charge]
-hairy (use 'hair')
-half (use '1/2')
 Hall effect
 Hamilton-Jacobi equation
 Hamiltonian (added 2010-05-05)
-Hamiltonian approach (use 'Hamiltonian formalism')
 Hamiltonian formalism
 Hanbury-Brown-Twiss effect
 HAPPEX    [Measurement of Nucleon Strange Form Factors at High Q2]
 hard scattering
 hard thermal loop approximation    [was hard thermal loop]
 HARP (added 2010-03-02)   [p/ pi+/ pi- beams, momentum 1.5-15GeV; target: H to Pb]
 Hartree approximation
 Hartree-Fock approximation
-HBT (use 'Hanbury-Brown-Twiss effect')
-He-3 (use 'helium')
-He-4 (use 'helium')
 heat engineering    [for low temperatures use 'cryogenics']
 heat kernel
-heavy flavor (use 'heavy quark ')
 heavy ion
 heavy lepton
 heavy liquid
 heavy quark (since Jan 10, was 'quark, heavy')
-heavy quark effective theory (use 'HQET model')
 Heisenberg model
-heptaquark (added 2010-05-05) (use 'multiquark')
-HERA (use 'DESY HERA Stor')
 HERA-B    [magnetic detector at HERA]
 HERMES    [magnetic spectrometer at HERA]
-herwig (use 'HERWIG')
 HESS    [Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes for detection of very high energy gamma-rays]
 Heun equation (was 2010-6-16 Annette)
 hidden sector
 hidden symmetry
 hidden variable    [quantities that are part of a putative theory underlying quantum theory]
-hierarchical (use 'hierarchy')
-hierarchy problem use 'hierarchy, XXX' (usually 'hierarchy, coupling constant')
-Higgs boson (use 'Higgs particle')
 Higgs mechanism (since nov 08, was 'effect, Higgs')
 Higgs model
 Higgs particle    [was Higgses]
 Higgs particle doublet    [bypass ckw problem]
 Higgsless model
 high energy behavior
-high energy physics (use 'particle physics')
 high temperature expansion
-high-voltage system (use 'power supply')
-higher dimension (use 'higher-dimensional')
-higher (use 'high')
 Hilbert space
 Hitchin equation (added 2010-06-16)
-HJE (use 'Hamilton-Jacobi equation')
 hollow beam
 holography    [The holographic principle states that the amount of information in a region is proportional not to its volume but to the area of its boundary]
 Holst term (added 2010-05-05)
 Hopf term
 hopping (added 2010-05-05)
-hopping expansion (use 'hopping parameter expansion')
 hopping parameter expansion
 Horava-Witten model
 horizontal symmetry
 HQET model
-HQET (use 'HQET model')
 HRS (added 2010-05-05)
-HTLA (use 'hard thermal loop approximation')
 Hubbard model
 Hubble constant
-Hubble parameter (use 'Hubble constant')
-Hubble rate (use 'Hubble constant')
-HV system (use 'power supply')
-hyperfine splitting (use 'hyperfine structure')
 hyperfine structure
-hyperfragment (use 'hypernucleus')
-hyperKaehler (use 'Kaehler')
 hyperon hyperon
 hyperon nucleon (added 2010-03-02)
 hyperon nucleus
 hyperonic atom


-IHEP (use 'Serpukhov PS')
 Iizuka-Okubo-Zweig rule
 Iizuka-Okubo-Zweig rule violation    [bypass ckw problem]
 ILC Coll    [was ILC]
 ILD (added 2010-05-05)   [International Large Detector for ILC]    [LoI : 8613117]
 Immirzi parameter
 impact parameter    [for track data analysis see also 'path length']
 impulse approximation
 inclusive production
 inclusive reaction
 incoherent interaction
 indefinite metric
 index theorem
*induced    [use 'induction' for classical electromagnetism]
 inelastic scattering
 inflation (was until Jul 08 'inflationary universe')
-information loss (use 'information theory')
 information management
-information paradox (use 'information theory')
-information puzzle (use 'information theory')
 information theory
 infrared problem
-initial condition (use 'boundary condition')
-initial data (use 'boundary condition')
 initial state
-initial value (use 'boundary condition')
 initial-state interaction
 inorganic compounds
-instability (use 'stability')
 integral equations
 integrated circuit
*interaction    [restricted use, if possible use more specific term]
 interference    [between different processes (paths) leading from the same initial state to the same final state]
 intermediate boson
 intermediate state
-International Linear Collider (use 'ILC Coll')
-International Space Station (use 'satellite')
 interpretation of experiments
 intranuclear cascade
 introductory    [restricted use]
 invariance gauge    [bypass ckw problem]
-invariant (added 2010-05-05) ('use invariance' or 'conservation law')
 inverse scattering method
 invisible decay (since dec 08)
 ionization chamber
 Isgur-Wise function
 Ising model
-ISIS (use 'Rutherford ISIS PS')
-ISM (use 'inverse scattering method')
 isobar model    [for the nucleon isobar use 'nucleon resonance']
 isolated production (added 2010-05-05)
 isometry (added 2010-05-05)
-ISS (use 'satellite')
-ITEP-913 (use 'DIANA')


-J-matrix (use 'Jacobi matrix')
-J-PARC (use 'J-PARC Lab')
-J/psi (use 'J/psi(3100)')
 Jacobi identity
 Jacobi matrix (since Jan 10)
 JADE    [magnetic detector at PETRA]
-Japan Proton Accelerator Complex (use 'J-PARC Lab')
 Jefferson Lab    [for unspecified experiments at JLAB]
-jet algorithm (use 'track data analysis')
-JHF (use 'KEK JHF PS')
-JINR (use 'Dubna Lab')
-JLab (use 'Jefferson Lab')
-JLAB-E-00-006 (use 'G0 Experiment')
-JLAB-E-00-114 (use 'HAPPEX')
-JLAB-E-04-115-101 (use 'G0 Experiment')
-JLAB-E-05-008 (use 'G0 Experiment')
-JLN (use 'Jona-Lasinio-Nambu model')
 Jona-Lasinio-Nambu model
 Jones polynomial
 Juelich COSY PS


 K anti-K
 K deuteron
 K K
 K n
 K nucleon
 K nucleus
 K p
 K(1630) (added 2010-08-10)
-K(L) (use 'K0(L)')
-K(S) (use 'K0(S)')
-K* (use 'K*(892)')
 K*(1410) (was K*(1370), earlier K*(1410))
 K*(892)+ (added 2010-09-17)
 K*(892)- (added 2010-09-17)
 K*(892)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 K*0(1430) (was kappa(1350))
 K*0(800) (added 2010-08-10)
 K*2(1430) (was K*(1430))
 K*3(1780) (was K*(1780))
 K*4(2045) (was K*(2060))
 K+ deuteron
 K+ K-
 K+ n
 K+ nucleon
 K+ nucleus
 K+ p
 K- deuteron
 K- n
 K- nucleon
 K- nucleus
 K- p
 K0 anti-K0
 K0 deuteron
 K0 n
 K0 nucleon
 K0 nucleus
 K0 p
 K1(1270) (was Q1(1280))
 K1(1400) (was Q2(1400))
 K2(1580) (was L(1580))
 K2(1770) (was L(1770))
 K2(2250) (was K(2200))
-K2K (use 'KEK Lab')
 Kadanoff-Baym equation
 Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
-Kahler (use 'Kaehler')
 kaium (since Jan 10)   [K+ electron bound state]
 Kaluza-Klein model    [was KK model]
-Kaluza-Klein theory (use 'Kaluza-Klein model')
-kaon (use 'K')
 kappa meson
 kappa symmetry
 Karch-Randall model (added 2010-06-16)
 Kazakov-Migdal model
-KdV (use 'Korteweg-de Vries equation')
 KEDR    [magnetic detector at Novosibirsk Stor4]
 KEK JHF PS (was KEK JHP PS)   [hadron factory, 50 GeV protons]
 KEK Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at KEK]
 KEK Linac    [2.5 GeV electrons]
 KEK PF Stor    [2.5/8.0 GeV electrons, synchrotron radiation]
-KEK PF (use 'KEK PF Stor')
 KEK PS    [12 GeV protons]
 KEK TRISTAN Stor    [60 GeV-cms e+e-]
-KEK-TE-003 (use 'AMY')
 Kerr-Sen (added 2010-05-05)
 Kerr/CFT corresponendce (added 2010-09-03)
-Kerr/CFT (use 'Kerr/CFT corresponendce')
-KGE (use 'Klein-Gordon equation')
-KGF (use 'Kolar Gold Fields')
 Kharkov Linac    [2 GeV electrons, 0.4 GeV protons]
 Klein-Gordon equation
 KLOE    [magnetic detector at DAFNE]
-KLOE (use 'Frascati Stor')
-klystron (use 'cavity')
 Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation
-knock-out (use 'emission')
-knot invariant (use 'knot theory')
 knot theory
-Koba-Nielsen-Olesen (use 'KNO')
-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle (use 'CKM matrix')
 Kobayashi-Maskawa model
 Kodama state (since 2008)
 Kolar Gold Fields
-Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (use 'statistical analysis')
 Konishi (added 2010-05-05)
 Kontsevich model
 Korteweg-de Vries equation
 Krein (added 2010-05-05)
 KTeV    [magnetic detector at Fermilab]
 Kundt (added 2010-05-05)


*L3    [magnetic detector at LEP]
 ladder approximation
 Lagrangian formalism
 Lamb shift (added 2010-05-05)
 Lambda deuteron
 Lambda Lambda
 Lambda nucleus
 Lambda parameter
 Lambda(1405)    [partial wave S01]
 Lambda(1520)    [partial wave D03]
 Lambda(1600)    [partial wave P01]
 Lambda(1670)    [partial wave S01]
 Lambda(1690)    [partial wave D03]
 Lambda(1800)    [partial wave S01]
 Lambda(1810)    [partial wave P01]
 Lambda(1820)    [partial wave F05]
 Lambda(1830)    [partial wave D05]
 Lambda(1890)    [partial wave P03]
 Lambda(2020)    [partial wave F07]
 Lambda(2100)    [partial wave G07]
 Lambda(2110)    [partial wave F05]
 Lambda(2325)    [partial wave D03]
 Lambda(2350)    [partial wave H09]
-Lambda/b (use 'Lambda/b0')
*Lambda/b0    [mass 5640]
-Lambda/c (use 'Lambda/c+')
 Lambda/c(2593)    [ground state of Lambda/c(2625) ?]
 Lambda/c(2940) (added 2010-08-10)
 LAMPF Linac    [meson factory, 0.8 GeV protons]
-LAMPF (use 'LAMPF Linac')
-LAMPF-1173 (use 'LSND')
 Landau gauge
 Landau problem (since Jan 10)
 Landau-Ginzburg model
 Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect
 landscape    [possible shapes of the hidden dimensions of space each corresponding to a different set of particles and forces in 3d space]
 Langevin equation
 Laplace gauge
 Laplace transformation
-LAr (use 'liquid argon')
-Large Hadron Collider (use 'CERN LHC Coll')
-large N (use 'expansion 1/N')
-large-angle (use 'wide-angle')
-Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (use 'LIGO')
-Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (use 'LISA')
 LASS    [magnetic spectrometer at SLAC Linac]
 lattice field theory    [was lattice QCD]    [was lattice quantum chromodynamics]    [was LQCD]    [was lattice gauge theory]
 LBL-E-0987    [Berkley Bevelac project EOS]
-LCG (use 'Grid computing')
 leading logarithm approximation
 leading particle
 Lee model (added 2010-08-03)
 Lee-Wick model
-Lee-Wick (use 'Lee-Wick model')
 Lee-Yang model (added 2010-09-03)
 Legendre transformation
 Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi model (added 2010-06-16)
 LENA (added 2010-03-02)
 lens    [was lensing]
-LEP (use 'CERN LEP Stor')
-LEP2 (use 'CERN LEP Stor')
 lepton antilepton
 lepton baryon
 lepton deuteron
 lepton hadron
 lepton K
 lepton lepton
 lepton n
 lepton nucleon
 lepton nucleus
 lepton number
 lepton p
 lepton quark
 leptonic decay
-leptophilic (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 leptoproduction    [for particle production by electrons, muons or neutrinos]
-LG model (use 'Landau-Ginzburg model')
-LHC (use 'CERN LHC Coll')
 LHC-B    [magnetic detector at LHC]
 LHC-F    [magnetic detector at LHC]
-LHCb (use 'LHC-B')
-LHCf (use 'LHC-F')
 LHeC    [proposed colliding beam facility at CERN]
 light cone
 light cone behavior
 light cone gauge    [was light-cone gauge]
 light front
 light nucleus    [up to mass number 20 (incl.)]
-linac (use 'linear accelerator')
 linac-ring collider
 linear accelerator
 linear collider
 linear space
 Lipatov equation
 Lippmann-Schwinger equation
 liquid argon
 LISA    [gravitational wave detector]
 little Higgs model
-little Higgs (use 'little Higgs model')
 littlest Higgs model
-LNGS (use 'Gran Sasso')
*local    [restricted use, for local supersymmetry use 'supergravity']
 logic    [mathematics only; for electronics use 'fast logic']
 longitudinal momentum
 loop integral (since Jan 10)
-loop model (use 'loop space' if applicable)
 loop space
 Lorentz gauge
 Los Alamos Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at LANL]
-low Bjorken x (use 'small-x')
-Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy (use 'LENA ')
 low temperature expansion
 low-energy constant
 low-energy theorem
-low-x (use 'small-x')
*lower limit
-LPM effect (use 'Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect')
 LSND    [search for anti-neutrino/mu --> anti-neutrino/e oscillations]
 LSP    [lightest supersymmetric particle]
 Lund MAX Stor
-LURE (use 'Orsay Lab')
 Lyapunov exponent (added 2010-05-05)


 M-brane (since dec 08)
 MAC (added 2010-05-04)
 Mach principle
 MACRO    [deep underground detector]
-MAG (use 'maximal abelian gauge')
 MAGIC (added 2010-03-02)   [atmospheric imaging Cherenkov telescope, cosmic gamma-rays at an energy threshold of 25 GeV]
 magnetar (added 2010-05-05)
 magnetic detector    [For small-angle detectors see also 'magnetic spectrometer']
 magnetic field
 magnetic moment
 magnetic monopole
 magnetic spectrometer
 Mainz Linac
-MAMI (use 'Mainz Linac')
-manifold (use 'space')
-manufacturing (use 'fabrication')
 many-body problem    [was many-body]
 MARK I (added 2010-05-05)
 MARK II    [magnetic detector at PEP and SLC]
 MARK III    [magnetic detector at SPEAR]
 MARK J (added 2010-05-05)
 Markov chain (added 2010-05-05)
*mass    [was masses]
 mass dependence
 mass difference
-mass distribution (use 'mass spectrum')
 mass enhancement
 mass formula
 mass generation
 mass number
 mass ratio
 mass resolution (since Aug 07)
 mass spectrum
-mass splitting (use 'mass difference')
 master equation
 master integral (since Dec 08)
 mathematical methods
*matrix (since Dec 07)
 matrix model
-matrix theory (use 'matrix model')
 maximal abelian gauge
 Maxwell equation
 mean field approximation
-mean free path (use 'path length')
*measure    [only in mathematical sense, e.g. 'path integral: measure']
*measured (added 2010-05-05)   [only to indicate experimental result of a quantity]
 measurement methods
-measurement problem (use 'measurement theory')
 measurement theory
 mechanical engineering
-medical (use 'medicine')
 medicine (since Dec 07)
-MEDIPIX (use 'semiconductor detector')
 Meissner effect
 Mellin transformation
 membrane model
 mesic atom
 meson baryon
 meson deuteron
 meson dominance    [used for scalar, pseudoscalar and tensor mesons]
 meson meson
 meson n
 meson nucleon
 meson nucleus
 meson p
 meson quark
 meson resonance
 meson trajectory (since Jan 10)   [trajectory in Chew-Frautschi Plot (angular momentum vs. mass**2)]
-MFA (use 'mean field approximation')
 Michel parameter
 micro-pattern detector
-microtechnology (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 midisuperspace (added 2010-05-05)
 Milan Cycl
 MIMAC    [dark matter detector]
-MiniBooNE (use 'BooNE')
 MiniCLEAN    [100kg liquid argon WIMP detector]
*minimal    [for field theoretical models]
 minimal supersymmetric standard model
-minimum (use 'minimal')
 mirage (added 2010-05-05)
 mirror particle
-misalignment (use 'alignment')
 MIT Linac
 Miura transformation
 mixing (was interference)
 mixing angle
 mixmaster model (added 2010-05-05)
-mKdV (use 'Korteweg-de Vries equation')
 moduli space
 Moessbauer (added 2010-05-05)
 momentum dependence
-momentum distribution (use 'momentum spectrum')
 momentum resolution
 momentum spectrum
 momentum transfer
 momentum transfer dependence
 monochromatic beam
 monster (added 2010-05-05)
 Mont Blanc
 Monte Carlo
-moon (use 'lunar')
 Morita equivalence
 Morse theory
 Moscow ES
 Moscow ITEF PS
-MOSFET (use 'semiconductor detector')
 Moyal product
 Moyal-Voros (since Jan 10)
-MPGD (use 'micro-pattern detector')
-MSSM (use 'minimal supersymmetric standard model')
-mSUGRA (use 'supergravity')
 MSW effect
-MSW (use 'MSW effect')
-mu-parameter (use 'mu-problem')
-mu-term (use 'mu-problem')
 multiple field
 multiple production    [was multiparticle production]    [was multiproduction]
 multiple scattering
 muon deuteron
-muon electron (added 2010-05-05) (use electron muon)
 muon hadron
 muon n
 muon nucleon
 muon nucleus
 muon number
 muon p
 muon tau
 muon+ deuteron
 muon+ muon+
 muon+ muon-
 muon+ n
 muon+ nucleon
 muon+ nucleus
 muon+ p
 muon- deuteron
 muon- muon-
 muon- n
 muon- nucleon
 muon- nucleus
 muon- p
 muonic atom
-MWPC (use 'proportional chamber')
 Myers-Perry (added 2010-06-16)


 n anti-n
 n deuteron
 n Lambda
*n n
 n nucleus
 n Sigma
 N(1440)    [partial wave P11]
 N(1520)    [partial wave D13]
 N(1535)    [partial wave S11]
 N(1650)    [partial wave S11]
 N(1675)    [partial wave D15]
 N(1680)    [partial wave F15]
 N(1700)    [partial wave D13]
 N(1710)    [partial wave P11]
 N(1720)    [partial wave P13]
 N(1900)    [partial wave P13]
 N(1990)    [partial wave F17]
 N(2000)    [partial wave F15]
 N(2080)    [partial wave D13]
 N(2090)    [partial wave S11]
 N(2100)    [partial wave P11]
 N(2190)    [partial wave G17]
 N(2200)    [partial wave D15]
 N(2220)    [partial wave H19]
 N(2250)    [partial wave G19]
 N(2600)    [partial wave I111]
 N(2700)    [partial wave K113]
-N-body (use 'many-body problem')
-n-dimensional (use 'any-dimensional')
-N-gluon (use 'multigluon')
-N-particle (use 'many-body problem')
 n-point function
 NA48    [K+ K- Decays]
 NA49 (since Jan 10)   [Hadron Detector for Pb-induced production of charged hadrons and neutral strange particles]
 Nahm equation
 Nahm transformation
-NaI (use 'sodium-iodide')
 Nambu bracket (added 2010-05-05)
-Nambu-Goldstone (use 'Goldstone particle')
 Nariai (added 2010-05-05)
 narrow resonance
 Navier-Stokes equation (added 2010-05-05)
 near detector
-NEC (use 'null-energy condition')
 negative particle
 NEMO (added 2010-03-02)   [Underwater Cherenkov Telescope in the Mediterranean Sea Looking for High Energy Neutrinos]
 NESTOR    [deep underground detector]
 neural network
 neutral current    [for weak currents; otherwise see e.g. 'exchange, one-photon']
 neutral particle
 neutralino nucleon
 neutralino nucleus
 neutralino p
 neutrino antineutrino
 neutrino deuteron
 neutrino electron
 neutrino hadron
 neutrino lepton
 neutrino muon
 neutrino n
 neutrino neutrino
 neutrino nucleon
 neutrino nucleus
 neutrino p
 neutrino pi
 neutrino quark
 neutrino/L    [heavy lepton neutrino]
 neutrinoproduction    [used for production by neutrinos or antineutrinos]
 neutron star (was 'n, matter')
-neutron (use 'n')
 new interaction
 new particle    [fuer im Experiment (vermeintlich) gefundene]
 new physics (since Dec 08)
 Newport News CEBAF Linac
 Newton-Hooke (added 2010-06-16)
-next-to-leading order (use 'higher-order')
 Nicolai map
 Nieh-Yan term (added 2010-06-16)
-nine (use '9')
-NJL (use 'Jona-Lasinio-Nambu model')
-NMSSM (use 'minimal supersymmetric standard model')
 noise    [restricted use]
 NOMAD    [at SPS]
 non-Gaussianity (was Apr 08)   [provisorisch]
-non-perturbative (use 'nonperturbative')
 nonabelian    [not used together with 'gauge field theory, Yang-Mills']
 nonet (added 2010-05-05)
 Novosibirsk Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at Novosibirsk]
 Novosibirsk Stor2
 Novosibirsk Stor3
 Novosibirsk Stor4
 Novosibirsk VEPP-2000
-NSLS (use 'Brookhaven ES')
-nu/e (use 'neutrino/e')
-nu/mu (use 'neutrino/mu')
-nu/tau (use 'neutrino/tau')
 nuclear emulsion
 nuclear force
 nuclear matter
 nuclear medicine
-nuclear medium (use 'nuclear matter')
 nuclear model
 nuclear physics
 nuclear properties
 nuclear reaction
 nuclear reactor
-nuclear (use 'nucleus')
-nuclei (use 'nucleus')
 nucleon antinucleon
 nucleon deuteron
 nucleon hyperon
 nucleon Lambda
 nucleon n
 nucleon nucleon
 nucleon nucleus
 nucleon quark
 nucleon resonance
 nucleon Sigma
 nucleon Xi (added 2010-03-02)
 nucleus nucleus
-Nuclotron (use 'Dubna Nuclotron')
 null-energy condition
 number theory
 numerical calculations    [was numerical simulations]    [was numerical computation]    [was numerical solution]    [was numerical result]
 numerical methods
 NUT (added 2010-05-05)


 O'Raifeartaigh model (added 2010-05-05)
 O(4) x U(1)
 Oak Ridge SNS PS
 observatory (since Apr 08)   [astronomical observatory]
-Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka (use 'Iizuka-Okubo-Zweig rule')
 OMEGA    [magnetic detector at CERN SPS]
 Omega/c(2770)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 omega3(1670) (was omega(1670))
-one (use '1')
 OPAL    [magnetic detector at LEP]
 operator product expansion
 optical theorem
 organic compounds
 Orsay Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at LAL]
 Orsay Stor    [DCI, 7.2 GeV-cms e+e-]
-orthopositronium (use 'positronium')
 oscillation    [was oscillating]
 oscillon (added 2010-06-25)
-Osterwalder-Schrader (use 'axiomatic field theory')
-OZI rule (use 'Iizuka-Okubo-Zweig rule')


 p anti-n
 p antinucleon
 p baryon
 p deuteron
 p hyperon
 p Lambda
 p n
 p nucleon
 p nucleus
 p Omega-
*p p
 p Sigma
 p Sigma+
 p Sigma-
 p Sigma0
 p Xi
 p Xi-
 p Xi0
-p-form (use 'differential forms')
 Pade approximation
-pair creation (use 'pair production')
 pair production
-pairing (use 'pair')
 Palatini model
 PAMELA (since Oct 08)
 PANDA (added 2010-06-16)   [experiment at FAIR (GSI)]
-parafermion (use 'fermion parastatistics')
*parameter space
 partial wave
 partial wave analysis
-partially conserved axial-vector current (use 'PCAC model')
 particle antiparticle
 particle flow
 particle identification
 particle number
*particle physics    [restricted use]
 particle separator
 particle source
 partition function
 parton hadron
 path integral
 path length
 Pati-Salam model
-pattern recognition (use 'track data analysis')
 Pauli equation (added 2010-05-05)
 Pauli principle
 PCAC model
-PCAC (use 'PCAC model')
 Penner model (since Jul 08)
 Penning trap
 Penrose limit
-permutation (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 perturbation theory
-PETRA (use 'DESY PETRA Stor')
-phase diagram (use 'critical phenomena')
 phase shift (was 'partial wave' or 'partial wave analysis')
 phase space
-phase structure (use 'critical phenomena')
-phase transition (use 'critical phenomena')
 PHENIX    [magnetic detector at RHIC]
-Phi meson (use 'Phi(1020)')
 Phi(2170) (added 2010-08-10)
 phi**n model (was before 1990 'field theoretical model, scalar')   [may be coupled with specific n]
 Phi3(1850) (was X(1850), Phi/J(1850))
 PHOBOS    [magnetic detector at RHIC]
-photocathode (use 'photomultiplier')
-photodiode (use 'photomultiplier')
-photoelectric effect (use 'photoelectron')
 photon axion
 photon baryon
 photon deuteron
 photon electron
 photon gluon
 photon hadron
 photon lepton
 photon meson
 photon n
 photon nucleon
 photon nucleus
 photon p
 photon photon
 photon pi
 photon quark
-photon sensor (use 'photomultiplier')
 photon Z0
 photoproduction    [for particle production by photons]
 pi deuteron
 pi K
 pi n
 pi nucleon
 pi nucleus
 pi p
 pi pi
 pi quark
 pi(1800) (added 2010-08-10)
 pi+ deuteron
 pi+ n
 pi+ nucleon
 pi+ nucleus
 pi+ p
 pi+ pi-
 pi- deuteron
 pi- n
 pi- nucleon
 pi- nucleus
 pi- p
 pi0 deuteron
 pi0 n
 pi0 nucleon
 pi0 nucleus
 pi0 p
 pi0 pi+
 pi0 pi-
 pi1(1400) (added 2010-08-10)
 pi2(1670) (was A3(1680))
 pi2(1880) (added 2010-08-10)
 pi2(2100) (was A(2100))
 Picard-Fuchs equation
-PID (use 'particle identification')
-pion p (use 'pi p')
-pion pion (use 'pi pi')
-pion proton (use 'pi p')
-pion (use 'pi')
 Pioneer anomaly
 Planck    [for detector use 'satellite: Planck']
 plane wave
 Plastic Ball (added 2010-05-04)
 Plebanski (added 2010-05-05)
 PLUTO (added 2010-05-05)
-PMT (use 'photomultiplier')
 point splitting
 Poisson bracket
 polarizability    [was polarisability]
 polarized beam    [was polarised beam]
 polarized target    [was polarised target]
 Polyakov action (since Jan 10)
-Polyakov line (use 'Polyakov loop')
 Polyakov loop
 Ponzano-Regge model (added 2010-05-05)
 position dependence
-position resolution (use 'spatial resolution')
 position sensitive
 positive particle
 positron deuteron
 positron hadron
 positron n
 positron nucleon
 positron nucleus
 positron p
 positron positron (added 2010-05-05)
 postulated particle    [fuer von der Theorie vorhergesagte]
 potential model (since 2008 and in old times)
 Potts model
 power engineering
 power spectrum
 power supply
 precession (added 2010-06-25)
 preheating    [was pre-heating]
 Primakoff effect
-principle of equivalence (use 'equivalence principle')
 propagation (added 2010-05-05)
 proportional chamber
-proportional wire chamber (use 'proportional chamber')
*proposal    [only for submitted proposals]
 proposed experiment
-proton antinucleon (use 'p antinucleon')
-proton baryon (use 'p baryon')
-proton deuteron (use 'p deuteron')
-proton hyperon (use 'p hyperon')
-proton Lambda (use 'p Lambda')
-proton neutron (use 'p n')
-proton nucleon (use 'p nucleon')
-proton nucleus (use 'p nucleus')
-proton proton (use 'p p')
 proton synchrotron
-proton (use 'p')
 protoneutron star
-pseudo-Goldstone (use 'Goldstone particle')
-pseudorapidity (use 'rapidity')
 pseudoscalar meson
 pseudoscalar particle
 pseudotensor (added 2010-09-03)
 PSI Cycl
 psi mesons
-psi(2S) (use 'psi(3685)')
-psi(3100) (use 'J/psi(3100)')
 PT symmetry    [parity time reversal symmetry]
 pulse stretcher


-QCD (use 'quantum chromodynamics')
-QED (use 'quantum electrodynamics')
-QFT (use 'field theory')
-QHD (use 'quantum hadrodynamics')
-QMD (use 'quantum molecular dynamics')
-QNM (use 'quasinormal mode')
 quadrupole lens
-quadrupole magnet (use 'quadrupole lens')
 quantum algebra
 quantum chromodynamics
 quantum cosmology
 quantum dot (since Jan 10)
 quantum electrodynamics
-quantum field (use 'field theory')
 quantum geometry
 quantum gravity
 quantum group
 quantum hadrodynamics
-quantum measurement (use 'measurement theory')
 quantum mechanics
 quantum molecular dynamics
 quantum number
 quantum space
 quark antiquark
 quark gluon
 quark hadron
 quark model    [if possible use more specific term, not used for QCD]
-quark number (use 'fermion number')
 quark parton
 quark quark
-quark-gluon (use 'quark gluon')
-quasiclassical (use 'semiclassical')
-quasielastic scattering (use 'inelastic scattering')
 quasinormal mode
 quasiparticle (was pseudoparticle)


 R parity
 R-hadron (since Jan 10)
 radiation detector
 radiation protection
 radiative capture
 radiative correction
 radiative decay
-radiative effect (use 'radiative correction')
-radio emission (use 'radio wave')
-radio signal (use 'radio wave')
 radio wave
 Randall-Sundrum model    [was Randall-Sundrum]
 random field
 random lattice
 random phase approximation
 random surface
 random walk
 rapidity dependence
 rapidity spectrum
 rare decay
 Rarita-Schwinger equation
-Rarita-Schwinger (use 'Rarita-Schwinger equation')
-reactor (use 'nuclear reactor')
-records theory (use 'information theory')
 redshift    [was red-shift]
 Regge calculus
 Regge poles
-Regge trajectories (use 'Regge poles')
-reionization (use 'ionization')
 relativity theory
-relativity (use 'relativity theory')
 relic density (since Jan 10)
 renormalization group
*representation    [group theory]
 resistive plate chamber
 resonating group method
 resummation (since Jan 10)
-RF structure (use 'RF system')
 RF system
-RG (use 'renormalization group')
-RGM (use 'resonating group method')
-RHIC (use 'Brookhaven RHIC Coll')
-rho meson (use 'rho(770)')
 rho parameter
 rho(1450) (was rho(1600))
 rho(1450)+ (added 2010-09-17)
 rho(1450)- (added 2010-09-17)
 rho(1450)0 (added 2010-09-17)
 rho(1570) (added 2010-08-10)
 rho(1700) (was rho(1600))
 rho(1900) (added 2010-08-10)
 rho3(1690) (was g(1690))
 rho3(1990) (added 2010-08-10)
 rho3(2250) (was rho(2250))
 rho5(2350) (was rho(2350))
 Riccati equation (added 2010-05-05)
 Riemann surface
-ring imaging Cherenkov counter (use 'RICH')
 rishon (added 2010-05-05)   [hypothetical consituents of quarks and leptons]
 Robinson-Trautmann (added 2010-05-05)
-Roper resonance (use 'N(1440)')
 rotation    [was rotating]
 rotator    ['model: rotator' or 'spin: rotator']
-RPA (use 'random phase approximation')
-RPC (use 'resistive plate chamber')
-RS model (use 'Randall-Sundrum model')
 Rubakov effect
 Rutherford ISIS PS


 S(2) x R(1)
 S(3) x R(1)
 S(4) x SU(5)
 S(4) x Z(2)
 S-duality    [was S-dual]
-S-parameter (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 Sachs-Wolfe effect (added 2010-05-05)
 Saclay ALS    [1.7 GeV electrons]
 Saclay Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at Saclay]
 Saclay PS    [3 GeV protons, 1.2 AGeV ions]
 saddle-point approximation
 safety    [for nuclear aspects use 'dosimetry', 'shielding' or 'radiation protection']
 Sagnac effect (added 2010-05-05)
 Sakai-Sugimoto model
 Salam-Weinberg model
 Salpeter equation
 SAPHIR (added 2010-03-02)   [large solid angle detector]
 satellite    [used in connection with cosmic radiation experiments]
-SATURNE (use 'Saclay PS')
-SATURNE-213 (use 'DISTO')
 saxion (since dec 08)
-sbar (use 'anti-strangeness')
 scalar meson
 scalar particle
 scalar tensor    [was scalar-tensor]    ['gravitation, scalar tensor']
-scalaron (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 scale dependence
 scattering amplitude    [was tree amplitude]
 scattering length
-scattering matrix (use 'S-matrix')
-SCET (use 'soft collinear effective theory')
 Schroedinger equation
 Schwinger model
 Schwinger terms
-Schwinger-Dyson equation (use 'Dyson-Schwinger equation')
 SciBooNE (since Mar 08)
*science    [very restricted use]
 scintillation counter
-scintillator (use 'scintillation counter')
 SDC    [magnetic detector at SSC]
*search for    [restricted use, only for experimental results]
 second-class current
*secondary (was was secondary radiation)
 secondary beam
 seesaw model
 Seiberg-Witten map
 Seiberg-Witten model
-Seiberg-Witten theory (use 'Seiberg-Witten model')
 selection rule
-self amplified spontaneous emission (use 'SASE')
-self-energy (use 'propagator')
 semi-inclusive reaction
 semiconductor detector
 semileptonic decay
-sensor (use 'detector')
-SEP (use 'equivalence principle')
 separable potential
 separated beam
-separator (use 'particle separator')
 Serpukhov Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at ITEF]
 Serpukhov PS    [70 GeV protons, 3.5 GeV/A ions]
 Serpukhov UNK Stor    [600/3000 GeV protons; 2200 GeV-cms pp]
 Serpukhov VLEPP Coll
 set theory (added 2010-05-05)
-seven (use '7')
 shape analysis (since Jan 10)
 shell model
 shock waves
 short-distance behavior
 shower detector
 Sigma deuteron
-sigma meson (use 'f0(600)')
 sigma model
 Sigma nucleus
 sigma term
 Sigma(1385)    [partial wave P13]
 Sigma(1385)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma(1385)- (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma(1385)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma(1580)    [partial wave D13]
 Sigma(1620)    [partial wave S11]
 Sigma(1660)    [partial wave P11]
 Sigma(1670)    [partial wave D13 and other partial wave]
 Sigma(1750)    [partial wave S11]
 Sigma(1770)    [partial wave P11]
 Sigma(1775)    [partial wave D15]
 Sigma(1840)    [partial wave P13]
 Sigma(1880)    [partial wave P11]
 Sigma(1915)    [partial wave F15]
 Sigma(1940)    [partial wave D13]
 Sigma(2000)    [partial wave S11]
 Sigma(2030)    [partial wave F17]
 Sigma(2070)    [partial wave F15]
 Sigma(2080)    [partial wave P13]
 Sigma(2100)    [partial wave G17]
 Sigma/b* (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/b*+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/b*- (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/b+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/b- (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2455) (was Sigma/c)
 Sigma/c(2520) (was Sigma/c(2530))
 Sigma/c(2520)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2520)++ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2520)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2800)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2800)++ (added 2010-08-10)
 Sigma/c(2800)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 signal processing    [restricted use, e.g. electronic methods]
 signature (since ~09 also for experimental papers)
-silicon counter (use 'semiconductor detector')
-silicon detector (use 'semiconductor detector')
-silicon sensor (use 'semiconductor detector')
 sine-Gordon equation
 sine-Gordon model
 single production (since May 09)
 sinh-Gordon equation
-SIS (use 'Darmstadt SIS')
 site (since Feb 08)
 Sivers function
-six (use '6')
 Skyrme model
 SL(3) x SL(2)
 SLAC Lab    [for unspecified accelerators at SLAC]
 SLAC Linac    [25 GeV electrons]
 SLAC PEP Stor    [29 GeV-cms e+e-]
 SLAC SLC Linac    [100 GeV-cms e+e-, linear collider]
 SLAC SPEAR Stor    [8 GeV-cms e+e-]
-SLAC-PEP2-BABAR (use 'BaBar')
 Slavnov identity
-Slavnov-Taylor identity (use 'Slavnov identity')
-SLC (use 'SLAC SLC Linac')
 SLD    [magnetic detector at SLC]
-slow control (use 'control system')
 slow-roll approximation
-SNe (use 'supernova')
-SnIa (use 'supernova')
 SNO (was Sudbury)
-SNS (use 'Oak Ridge SNS PS')
 Snyder (added 2010-09-01)
 Snyder model (added 2010-05-05)
 SO(10) x A(4)
 SO(10) x U(1)
 SO(10) x U(1) x U(1)
 SO(3) x SO(3)
 SO(3) x SO(6)
 SO(4) x SO(4)
 SO(5) x SO(5)
 SO(5) x U(1)
 soft collinear effective theory
-software (use 'programming')
 solar system
 solid-state counter
-solid-state detector (use 'solid-state counter')
-sonic (use 'acoustic')
 Sp(1) x Sp(1)
 Sp(6) x U(1)
 space charge    [for accelerators only]
 space dependence
-space telescope (use 'satellite')
 space-time Bianchi    [bypass ckw problem]
 space-time dependence
-spallation (use 'fission')
 spark chamber
 sparticle    [supersymmetric particle]
 spatial distribution
 spatial resolution
-SPEAR (use 'SLAC SPEAR Stor')
 special focusing
 special relativity
 specific heat
-spectra (use 'spectrum')
-spectral function (use 'spectral representation')
-spectral index (use 'power spectrum')
 spectral representation
 spectral triple (added 2010-06-25)
 spectrometer    [restricted use]
 spin dependence    [bypass ckw problem]
 Split-Field (added 2010-05-05)
 spontaneous symmetry breaking (was till Jul 08 'symmetry, spontaneously broken')   [was spontaneously broken]
 SPring-8 Stor
-SPring-8 (use 'SPring-8 Stor')
-SPS (use 'CERN SPS')
 spurion (added 2010-05-05)
 squeezed state
-SSB (use 'spontaneous symmetry breaking')
 SSC Coll
 SSC GEM (added 2010-05-05)
 St. Petersburg Cycl
*standard model
 STAR    [magnetic detector at RHIC]
 Starobinsky model (added 2010-05-05)
-state (use 'xyz' instead of 'state, xyz')
-state equation (use 'equation of state')
 statefinder (added 2010-06-16)
 statistical analysis
 statistical mechanics
 statistics quantum    [bypass ckw problem]
-status report (use 'activity report')
-steel (use 'iron')
-STI (use 'Slavnov identity')
 stochastic cooling
 Stokes theorem
*storage ring    [for accelerator aspects only; for experimental results use 'colliding beams']
 Stoughton ES
-strange baryon (use 'hyperon')
 strange meson
-strange nucleus (use 'hypernucleus')
 strange particle
 strangeness parton    [bypass ckw problem]
-straw (use 'tube')
 streamer chamber
-stretcher (use 'pulse stretcher')
 string    [was stringy]
 string model
 string tension
 strong coupling
 strong field    [for field theoretical aspects, otherwise use e.g. 'magnetic field, high']
-strong force (use 'strong coupling')
 strong interaction
 structure function
 SU(2) x SU(2)
 SU(2) x SU(2) x SU(4)
 SU(2) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(2) x U(1) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(2)
 SU(3) x SU(2) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(3)
 SU(3) x SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(3) x SU(3)
 SU(3) x SU(3) x U(1)
 SU(3) x SU(4) x U(1)
 SU(3) x U(1)
 SU(3) x Z(3) x Z(3)
 SU(4) x SU(2) x SU(2)
 SU(4) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(4) x SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1)
 SU(4) x U(1)
 SU(5) x SU(5)
 SU(5) x U(1)
 SU(N) x SU(M)
 SU(N) x SU(N)
 SU(N) x U(1)
 SU(N)**4 x U(1)**2
-Sudbury (use 'SNO')
-SUGRA (use 'supergravity')
 sum rule
-Super-Kamiokande (use 'KAMIOKANDE')
-superfluidity (use 'superfluid')
 superfragment    [charmed or beautiful nucleus]
-supermassive (use 'massive')
 supernova    [was supernovae]
-superparticle (use 'sparticle')
-superpartner (use 'sparticle')
 superplane (since Jan 10 )
 superradiance (since 2008)
 superselection rule
 supersymmetry    [was super-Yang-Mills]
 superweak interaction
-suppressed decay (use 'rare decay')
 surface tension
-SUSY (use 'supersymmetry')
-SYM (use 'Yang-Mills')
 symmetry breaking
 symmetry planar    [bypass ckw problem]
 synchrotron oscillation
 synchrotron radiation


 T-duality    [was T-dual]    [equivalence between a small extra dimension and a large one]
-T-invariance (use 'time reversal')
-T-matrix (use 'S-matrix')
-T-parameter (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
-T2K (use 'J-PARC Lab')
*tables (since Jan 10)
 tagged beam
 Tamm-Dancoff approximation
-TARN (use 'Tokyo TARN')
 TASSO (added 2010-05-05)
-tau lepton (use 'tau')
 Taylor expansion
-tbar (use 'anti-top')
-TCP (use 'CPT')
-TDC (use 'time-to-digital converter')
*technology    [for important technological methods]
 teleportation (added 2010-05-05)
-telescope (use 'detector')
 temperature dependence
 Temperley-Lieb (added 2010-07-30)
 temporal gauge
-temporal-dependence (use 'time dependence')
-temporal-variation (use 'time dependence')
-ten (use '10')
 tensor meson
-tensor vector scalar (use 'TeVeS')
-tetrahedron (not enough HEP)
-tetron (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 Teukolsky equation (added 2010-05-05)
*TeV    [tera electron volt]
-Tevatron (use 'Batavia TEVATRON Coll')
*TeVeS (since Apr 09)
-thermodynamic (use 'thermodynamical')
-thermofield (use 'finite temperature')
*thesis    [including masters' theses]
 Theta parameter
-third (use '3')
 Thirring model
-three (use '3')
-three-body interaction (use 'three-body problem')
 three-body problem
 throat (since Jan 10)
 time delay
 time dependence
-time derivative (use 'time dependence')
 time machine
 time projection
 time projection chamber (was drift chamber, time projection) (added 2010-03-02)
 time resolution
 time reversal
-time varying (use 'time dependence')
-time-dependence (use 'time dependence')
 time-of-flight counter (added 2010-05-05)
 time-to-digital converter (since Apr 08)
-TOF (use 'time-of-flight')
 Tokai J-PARC PS
 Tokyo ES
 Tokyo TARN
 Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation (added 2010-05-05)
 Tomsk ES
-top-quark (use 'top')
 TOPAZ    [magnetic detector at TRISTAN]
 topology    [restricted use; for experimental papers use e.g. 'event shape analysis' ]
 toponium (was was 'quarkonium, truth') (since Apr 09)
-toppion (added 2010-05-05) (use 'pi, topcolor')
 torelon (added 2010-06-16)
-toroidal (use 'torus')
 total cross section    [for inclusive reaction]
 total-absorption counter
 TOTEM    [magnetic detector at LHC]
 toy model (added 2010-05-05)
-TPC (use 'time projection chamber')
 trace anomaly (since 2008)
 track data analysis
-track following (use 'track data analysis')
 track photography
-track reconstruction (use 'track data analysis')
 track sensitive    [only used for tracks visualized in matter, e.g. 'plastics, track sensitive']
-tracker (use 'tracking detector')
 tracking detector    [restricted use, if possible use more specific term, e.g. 'drift chamber']
-tracking system (use 'tracking detector')
 transfer matrix
 transition radiation
 transition radiation detector
 translation    [only in cases of central importance, e.g. 'invariance, translation']
 transmutation    [for particles and nuclear waste, e.g. 'nuclide, transmutation']
-transport coefficient (use 'transport theory')
-transport model (use 'transport theory')
-transport properties (use 'transport theory')
 transport theory    [not for beam transport]
 transverse energy
 transverse momentum
 transverse momentum factorization    [bypass ckw problem]
-trapped surface (since Jan 10) (too special)
-trapping (use 'capture')
 traversable (since Jan 10)
-TRD (use 'transition radiation detector')
 tree approximation    [was tree amplitude]
-tree level (use 'tree approximation')
 Trieste ES
 triple-Regge limit
-triply special relativity (added 2010-05-05) (rejected)
 TRIUMF Cycl    [meson factory at Vancouver]
 triviality    [for field theoretical aspects]
-TRT (use 'transition radiation detector')
 Tsallis (added 2010-08-12)
-tunnel effect (use 'tunneling')
 Turaev-Viro model (added 2010-05-05)
 twin Higgs model
-twisted (use 'twist')
-two (use '2')
 Two-Gamma    [magnetic detector at PEP]
-two-nucleon (use 'nucleon nucleon')
-two-photon decay (use 'radiative decay')
 two-point function
 Type I (since Jan 10)
 Type IIA (since Jan 10)
 Type IIB


 U(1) problem
 U(1) x U(1)
 U(1) x U(1) x Z(2)
 U(2) x U(2)
 U(3) x U(3)
 U(4) x U(4)
 U(6) x U(6)
 U(N) x U(N)
-u-quark (use 'up')
 UA1    [magnetic detector at CERN SPS Coll]
 UA2    [magnetic detector at CERN SPS Coll]
 UA4    [forward spectrometer at CERN SPS Coll]
 UA5 (added 2010-03-02)   [streamer chamber at CERN SPS Coll]
 UA6 (added 2010-05-05)
-ubar (use 'anti-up')
-UED (use 'universal extra dimension')
 UHE (since Aug 08)
-ultra high energy (use 'UHE')
-ultraperipheral (use 'peripheral')
-uncertainty principle (use 'uncertainty relations')
 uncertainty relations
-underground detector (use 'deep underground detector')
 underlying event
 unified field theory
-unified theory (use 'unified field theory')
 unitary gauge
 universal extra dimension
-UNK (use 'Serpukhov UNK Stor')
 Unruh effect
*upper limit
 Uppsala CELSIUS Stor
 upsilon mesons
 Upsilon(10160) (added 2010-08-10)
-Upsilon(1D) (use 'Upsilon(10160)')
-Upsilon(1S) (use 'Upsilon(9460)')
-Upsilon(2S) (use 'Upsilon(10020)')
-Upsilon(3S) (use 'Upsilon(10355)')
-Upsilon(4S) (use 'Upsilon(10570)')
-Upsilon(5S) (use 'Upsilon(10870)')
-Upsilon(6S) (use 'Upsilon(11020)')
 Urca process
 USp(2) (added 2010-03-17)
 USp(2N) (added 2010-03-17)
 USp(4) (added 2010-03-17)
 USp(N) (added 2010-03-17)


-vacua (use 'vacuum state')
-vacuum chamber (use 'vacuum system')
 vacuum polarization
 vacuum state
 vacuum system
 validity test    [restricted use for general tests but not for interpretations]
 valon model
 van der Waals
 Vancouver KAON PS
 variable speed of light    [was VSL]
-variational principle (added 2010-05-05) (use 'mathematical methods: variational')
 vector boson (since Jan 10)
 vector dominance
 vector manifestation
 vector meson
-VELO (use 'vertex detector')
 velocity dependence
 VENUS    [magnetic detector at TRISTAN]
-VEPP-2 (use 'Novosibirsk Stor2')
-VEPP-2000 (use 'Novosibirsk VEPP-2000')
-VEPP-2M (use 'Novosibirsk VEPP-2000')
-VEPP-3 (use 'Novosibirsk Stor3')
-VEPP-4 (use 'Novosibirsk Stor4')
-VEPP-4M (use 'Novosibirsk Stor4')
 VERITAS    [Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System]
 Verma module
 vertex detector (since Dec 07)
 vertex function
-vertex locator (use 'vertex detector')
-vertex tracker (use 'vertex detector')
-very high energy (use 'VHE')
 VHE (since Aug 08)   [energy > 100 GeV]
 Villigen SLS
 VIRGO    [gravitational wave detector]
-Virgo (use 'VIRGO')
 virial theorem (added 2010-09-03)
-viscous (use 'viscosity')
 Vlasov equation
 Vlasov-Maxwell equation
-VLEPP (use 'Serpukhov VLEPP Coll')
 von Neumann
 vortex    [was vortices]
-VSL model (use 'variable speed of light')


 W gluon
 W W
 W+ W-
 wake field
-wakefield (use 'wake field')
 Walecka model
 Ward identity
 Ward-Takahashi identity
 warp drive (added 2010-05-05)
 wave function
 wavelength shifter
 WDVV equation
-WDW equation (use 'Wheeler-DeWitt equation')
-WdW (use 'Wheeler-DeWitt equation')
 weak coupling
 weak field    [for field theoretical aspects only, otherwise use e.g. 'magnetic field, low']
 weak interaction
-weak mixing angle (use 'Weinberg angle')
 weak-energy condition (added 2010-05-05)
-weakly interacting massive particle (use 'WIMP')
 Weinberg angle
-Weinberg-Salam model (use 'Salam-Weinberg model')
 Weitzenboeck (added 2010-06-16)
-Weizsaecker-Williams (use 'equivalent photon approximation')
-WEP (use 'equivalence principle')
 Wess-Zumino gauge (added 2010-07-09)
 Wess-Zumino model
 Wess-Zumino term
-Wess-Zumino theory (use 'Wess-Zumino model')
-Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten model (use 'Wess-Zumino-Witten model')
 Wess-Zumino-Witten model
-Wess-Zumino-Witten term (use 'Wess-Zumino term')
 Weyl equation
 Wheeler-DeWitt equation
 white dwarf
 Wick-Cutkosky model
-Wick-Cutkosky (use 'Wick-Cutkosky model')
-Wightman axiom (use 'axiomatic field theory')
-Wightman function (use 'correlation function')
 Wigner-Weisskopf (added 2010-05-05)
-Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (use 'WMAP')
 Wilson loop
-Wilson-line (use 'Wilson loop')
 WIMP nucleon
 WIMP nucleus
 WISP    [Weakly Interacting sub-eV Particle]
 Witten index
 WKB approximation    [was WKB]
-WLS (use 'wavelength shifter')
-WTI (use 'Ward-Takahashi identity')
-WZNW (use 'Wess-Zumino-Witten model')
-WZW model (use 'Wess-Zumino-Witten model')
-WZW term (use 'Wess-Zumino term')


 X(1700) (was eta(1700))
 X(4260) (added 2010-08-10)
 X(4660) (added 2010-08-10)
 x-dependence    [use more specific term if possible]
 X-ray    [energy 0.5 to 100 keV]
 XENON (added 2010-06-16)   [DM detector]
-XENON10 (use 'XENON')
-XENON100 (use 'XENON')
 Xi(1530)    [partial wave P13]
 Xi(1530)- (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi(1530)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi(1690)- (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi(1690)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi(1860)    [pentaquark]
 Xi/b- (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/b0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2575) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2575)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2575)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2645)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2645)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2790)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2790)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2815)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2815)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2930) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2980) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2980)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(2980)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3055) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3055)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3080) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3080)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3080)0 (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3123) (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c(3123)+ (added 2010-08-10)
 Xi/c+ (was A+)
 Xi/c0 (was A0)
 Xi/cc (added 2010-08-10)
 XXZ model (added 2010-05-05)
 XY model


 Y(3940) (since Feb 08)
 Y(4008) (since Jan 10)
 Y(4140) (since Apr 09)
-y-dependence (use 'rapidity dependence')
 Yang-Baxter equation
 Yang-Mills-Higgs theory
 Yangian (added 2010-07-30)
-YM (use 'Yang-Mills')
-YMH (use 'Yang-Mills-Higgs theory')


 Z(2) x Z(2)
 Z(3) x Z(3)
 Z(4050) (since Jan 10)
 Z(N) x Z(M)
-Z-boson (use 'Z0')
 Z0 Z0
 Z0-factory (added 2010-06-16)   [Z0 option of the ILC]
 Zee model
 Zeeman effect (added 2010-05-05)
 Zeno effect
 ZEPLIN    [two-phase (liquid/gas) xenon detector looking for galactic WIMP dark matter]
 zero mode
-zero momentum transfer (use 'forward scattering')
-zero (use '0')
 zeta function
 ZEUS    [magnetic detector at HERA]