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DESY's EBL Login Server


Welcome to DESY's EBL Login Server

EBook Library (EBL) is a web-based ebook lending platform which is capable of delivering e-books to academic and research libraries.

Access to EBL is restricted to the DESY IP range and requires that each patron accessing the EBL-Ebook Library is authenticated and passed through with some form of unique identifier. At DESY wie use the central afs/Windows userid to facilitate this.

You may browse (e.g. Read online without "borrowing") any EBL Ebook for 5 minutes for free.
Whenever you lend and/or download an ebook from EBL, the DESY library will be charged per item and incident

For more information on EBLs capabilities, select the Help/Feedback tab at the top right of the page right after the login, but before you go into the reader by clicking on Read Online.


To access your EBL E-Book you must provide below your DESY afs/windows username and password
NB: Your input is secure and will be processed at DESY only. Your password is never stored and not transmitted to EBL.

  I accept the terms and conditions (In German)

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