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Welcome to DESYs eBook Platform

DESYs eBook Platform is a web-based ebook lending platform capable of delivering e-books to academic and research libraries.

Access to the platform is restricted to the DESY IP range and requires that each patron accessing the eBook Library is authenticated and passed through with some form of unique identifier. At DESY wie use the central afs/Windows userid to facilitate this.

You may browse (e.g. Read online without "borrowing") any eBook for 5 minutes for free.
Whenever you lend and/or download an ebook from the platform, the DESY library will be charged per item and incident

For more information on the platforms capabilities, select the Help/Feedback tab at the top right of the page right after the login, but before you go into the reader by clicking on Read Online.


To access the platform you must provide your DESY afs/windows username and password below
NB: Your input is secure and will be processed at DESY only. Your password is never stored and not transmitted to the platform.

  I accept the terms and conditions (In German)

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