The present is an Internet-version (HTML) of the texts and illustrations of the book:

The Infancy of Particle Accelerators

Life and Work of Rolf Wideröe

Compiled and edited by Pedro Waloschek

The book was published in 1994 by Friedr. Vieweg Verlagsgesellschaft (Braunschweig and Wiesbaden) and also distributed as DESY-Red-Report 94-039 in March 1994. It is an updated and improved version of the German book:

"Als die Teilchen Laufen lernten - Leben und Werk des Rolf Wideröe",

also published by Vieweg in 1993. It was translated by Karen Waloschek (London). Both books are out of print. To obtain copies (as long as available) contact the DESY-Library or the author. A Russian translation by Katherina Negodaeva (Moscow) will be available in autumn 1998.

This is a very simple HTML-version, which I hope can be read by most browsers. In order to save storage-space and transmission time, the illustrations were reproduced with low resolution. Texts and Figures are in files (WiE-*.*) occupying in total about 1.75 Mbyte. I had no time to add hyperlinks to the References, sorry.

Picture on the right: Rolf Wideröe (about 1950).

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