The Infancy of Particle Accelerators

Life and Work of Rolf Wideröe  by Pedro Waloschek


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by Pedro Waloschek

Wideröe on Wideröe:
Ch. 01: Family, Youth and Lord Rutherford
Ch. 02: Karlsruhe - the Ray-Transformer
Ch. 03: Aachen - the First Operational Linac
Ch. 04: Cyclotrons and Other Developments
Ch. 05: Relays are Interesting Too
Ch. 06: Induction from Illinois
Ch. 07: The Hamburg-Betatron
Ch. 08: The Invention of the Storage Ring
Ch. 09: Oslo - the Theory of the Synchrotron
Ch. 10: Baden - Betatrons for BBC
Ch. 11: Turin - the Beta-Synchrotron
Ch. 12: ETH Zurich, CERN and DESY
Ch. 13: How Radiation Kills Cells - the Two-Components-Theory
Ch. 14: Some Retrospectives and Dreams

Chronological Survey
App. 1: The Storage Ring Patent
App. 2: The Synchrotron Patent

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