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Box 15:  Wideröe's Life at a Glance

1902 Born in Oslo
1922 Karlsruhe: Betatron idea
1927 Aachen: First linac works
1929 Lawrence: First 80 keV cyclotron in operation
1929... Berlin: Construction of distance relays
1933... Oslo: Construction of distance relays
1941 Kerst: First betatron (2.3 MeV) in operation
1943 Oslo: Storage ring idea, patent
1944 Hamburg: 15 MeV betatron works
1945 McMillan, Veksler: Synchrotron
1945 Oslo: Synchrotron theory, patent
1946... Baden: Construction of betatrons at BBC
1952... Synchrotrons: Cosmotron, Bevatron, PS...
1952... Geneva: Consultant at CERN (PS project)
1953... Zurich: Lecturer at ETH Zurich
1956 Kerst and O'Neill: Re-invention of storage rings
1956... Baden: Construction of the Turin synchrotron
1959... Hamburg: Consultant at DESY (synchrotron)
1959... Baden: Megavolt radiation therapy
1960 Frascati: Touschek, AdA, first storage ring
1962 Aachen: Dr. honoris causa at RWTH Aachen
1963... Triumphant progress of storage rings
1964 Zurich: Dr. med. h. c. at Zurich University
1965... Baden: Two component theory
1969 Remscheid: Röntgen Medal
1971 Würzburg: Röntgen prize
1973 Oslo: Member of the Norw. Acad. of Science
1973 Madrid: JRC gold medal
1992 Washington: Robert R. Wilson Prize of APS

On October 11, 1996, Rolf Wideröe died in Nussbaumen (CH)