conference proceedings

New Trends in HERA Physics 2011

Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany
September 25-28, 2011

Editorial board: G. Grindhammer

B. Kniehl

G. Kramer

W. Ochs

Assistant editor:Kirsten Sachs
See also Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements 222-224
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Proton and Nuclear Structure
   Foreword Gunter Grindhammer x
   High-Q**2 NC and CC Cross Sections at HERA and Proton Structure Ritu Aggarwal x
   Cross Sections and Structure Functions at Low and Medium Q**2 Prabhdip Kaur Devgun x
   Proton Structure Measurements and PDFs at HERA Katarina Lipka x
   DIS Heavy-Flavor Contributions at two Loops in a General Mass Scheme Pavel Nadolsky x
   PDF Fit in the Fixed-Flavor-Number Scheme Sergey Alekhin x
   A Survey of Heavy Quark Theory for PDF Analyses Fred Olness x
   MSTW PDFs and Impact of PDFs on Cross Sections at Tevatron and LHC Graeme Watt x
   Precision Jet Measurements at HERA and determination of alpha_s Roman Kogler x
   World Summary of alpha_s (2011) Siegfried Bethke x
   Status of Perturbative QCD Calculations for Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Processes Sven-Olaf Moch x
   The Color Dipole Picture of Low-x DIS Dieter Schildknecht x
   Inclusive Diffraction at HERA Mikhail Kapishin x
   Exclusive Diffraction at HERA Justyna Tomaszewska x
   Open Charm and Beauty Production at HERA Olaf Behnke x
   J/psi Production in NRQCD: A Global Analysis of Yield and Polarization Mathias Butenschön x
   Particle Production at HERA Anastasia Grebenyuk x
   Monte Carlo Event Generators Stefan Gieseke x
   Recent Results on Generalized Parton Distributions from the COMPASS, HERMES and Jefferson Lab's Hall A and CLAS Collaborations Gunar Schnell x
   Parametrizing Compton Form Factors with Neural Networks Kresimir Kumericki x
   Recent QCD Results from the Tevatron Markus Wobisch x
   QCD Results from the LHC Richard Nisius x