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Information provided by the DESY Library

* Spires database system: hep, conf, inst ...   (without books - OPAC)
* Spires HEP database search form           (SLAC style form)
* Spires databases (incl. DESY OPAC)    (DESY style form)
* DESY books catalogue (OPAC) in Aleph database
* Preprints  and  Reports
* List of Periodicals.
* List of Conferences
* Journals Electronic and Newspapers
* New books on display - and the acquisitions of the last 15 weeks.
* New preprints on display
* New conference transparencies on display
* Books Electronic
* Visit the DESY-Zeuthen library.

General Information and Internals

* About the DESY library
* Services we offer to you.
* People in the Library
* restricted Minutes of the meeting of the library Commission.

Selected Additional Information

  • arXiv (Cornell) eprint archive, Augsburg mirror
  • CERN Preprint Server
  • CERN Library
  • Review of Particle Physics
  • SLAC Online Particle Physics Information
  • Current experiments in particle physics
  • SLAC Library
  • MathSciNet
  • HEPIC : HEP Info (DOE/Fermilab)
  • PrePRINT Network (DOE)
  • The WWW virtual library: High energy physics web sites
  • HGF libraries, ( deutsch , english )
  • Some publishers and databases on the WWW
  • Book Catalogues
  • Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme PACS online
  • PhysicsWeb (IoP)
  • TIPTOP: The Internet Pilot to Physics
  • HEPDOC preprint search (CERN, SPIRES, KEK)
  • Römpp Online
  • ISI Journal Abbreviations Index
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Duden online
  • online dictionaries
  • Atlas
  • list of universities
  • international phone book
  • Eagle Bookstore

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