SEPTEMBER 23 - 26, 2003
DESY, Hamburg, Germany


GUTs & Branes

Strings and Extra Dimensions
Supersymmetry and Unified Theories
Baryon- and Lepton Number Violation



INTRODUCTORY LECTURES:                            

Elements of GUTs P. Langacker → file
Universe's Baryon from Leptogenesis T. Yanagida → file
Supersymmetry Breaking F. Zwirner → file
→ ps-file
Orbifolds and Branes M. Gaberdiel → file


PLENARY SESSIONS:                                          

SO(10) Orbifold GUTs T. Asaka → file
→ ps-file
GUT-model Building K. S. Babu → file
Brane Waves C. Bachas → file
Gauge Coupling Unification in Supersymmetric Intersecting Brane Worlds R. Blumenhagen → file
→ ps-file
Lepton-Flavour Violation J. Ellis → file
Variation of Couplings H. Fritzsch → file
Gauge Coupling Unification in Extra Dimensions T. Gherghetta → file
Leptogenesis and Scalar Field Dynamics K. Hamaguchi → file
Implications of WMAP S. Hannestad → file (12MB!)
Fundamentals of Orbifold GUTs A. Hebecker → file
Recent Particle Results from DESY R. Klanner → file
Exact N=1 Superpotentials A. Klemm → file
Proton Decay in GUTs H. Murayama→ file
→ MS-Powerpoint file (0.6 MB)
Thermal Leptogenesis M. Plümacher → file
→ ps-file
Deconstruction S. Pokorski → file
Testing Susy Unification W. Porod → file
Brane Cosmology F. Quevedo → file
Supersymmetry Breaking and Radion Stabilization M. Quiros → file
Neutrinos G. Raffelt → file (11MB!)
→ MS-Powerpoint file (37MB!)
Fermion Masses in GUTs G. Ross → file
→ MS-Powerpoint file
Phenomenology of Orbifold GUTs Z. Tavartkiladze→ file
Aspects of Intersecting Brane Worlds A. Uranga → file
Opening A. Wagner → file
→ MS-Powerpoint file (0.8 MB)
News from the B D. Wyler → file

All files are given in PDF-format, except where stated otherwise.


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